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Novocirkusová January Letná

Novocirkusová January Letná Novocirkusová January Summer begins at the Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice as early as Thursday, December 3. Headlining the second edition of this special Christmas International Festival of new circus and theater Summer Summer is the French aerobatic file Akoreacro.

In his heated tent shall Akoreacro total of fifteen performances Klaxon that combines top - in many ways surprising and witty - acrobatics with live music.
On stage six alternates acrobats and five musicians that with great energy, the incessant frenetic rhythms create a fun and slightly surreal, from the beginning to the end of an impressive performance.

Ice Summer runs until 31 December 2015 and in addition to the file Akoreacro will be the main attractions include the Czech troupe Cirque Losers Company will offer two successful dance and acrobatic performances: Walls & Handbags, which was after the premiere at this year's Summer Summer sold out, and last year, also enthusiastically received, performances of The Loser (s).

Ice Summer fun for parents and children through the weekend program with fairy tales, carols and Christmas creative workshops. For example, on December 5th just waiting for them Great Saint Nicholas Day with Radio Junior, where the main attraction is the free concert Punch dogs or fairy tale Nicholas' case. All the children who come in the guise of Nicholas, a devil or an angel, a little reward.
Enjoy a fairytale performances set MIMo.s., LokVar Theatres ANPU or too small for the theater. I will also Bubbleman Vaclav Strasser! Tales before and after the matches will also take place with the apple-workshops where children can not make Christmas decorations.
Ice Summer takes place in the context of Advent event at the Exhibition. Will also be live music and DJs.

Polar year old will end New Year's Eve in the marquee, which will Melody Boys, soloists Melody Makers Ondrej Havelka, Czech number one swing dance schools, ZIG ZAG TAP & SWING, members of the French group Akoreacro, electroswingový DJ Mackie Messer magician or DJ Mikkim. And not to miss the London-prized project in Prague Beat Diplomacy, electroswingová toe DJ James Wing and DJ Marionette, ancient atmosphere of the circus, dance floor in the ring, worldly jigger for first time visitors gratis, a trailer full of goodies and many pleasant surprises.

Tasting Program: Akoreacro: Klaxon - trailer

The exact program of evening shows are put on

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