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Terminator joined in the fight against the trade in ivory

In the years 2003-2011 he held the office of Governor of the State of California, before traveling time and also wrestled with alien hunters. Wrinkles wrapped muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently not subject to age. His new goal became a fight against the ivory trade. During the campaign, 96 Elephants blew up an elephant tusk and urged Americans not to buy products made of ivory.

Hard to say whether this explosive step more visible aging Hollywood actor, or rather the whole unpleasant issue. What is certain is that the presence of celebrities attracted media attention and campaign 96 Elephants desperately needs. It needs examples worth following. Campaign name is derived from the harsh statistic: every day is because demand for ivory killed an average of 96 elephants. And although we have a major buyer ivory linked to Asian countries, especially China, now the second largest market is the United States. Organizers are now directly not focus on the fight against poachers and traffickers, but trying to "clean up your own house in order" by removing domestic demand.

"Stop killing ninety-six elephants every day just because of this, Deal with demand for ivory once and for all," said
Schwarzenegger shortly before he presses the detonator. Still, last year was the import of ivory into the US legal before the February presidential decree put its import outlawed. The White House then this step commented: "The ban is the best way to ensure that the US market will not contribute to the loss of elephants living in the African wild." The joy of conservationists but did not last long.


The original "strong" federal ban on import of ivory should be weakened by complementary legislative proposals. According to representatives of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and workers US Fish and Wildlife Service comes last action hero just in time. "Poachers ivory, fear, Terminator join the ranks of supporters 96 Elephants," says campaign manager John Calvelii (WCS). "We are thankful that Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his support and we believe that numerous fans worldwide will follow his example. Together we become allies who will stop killing elephants, ivory smuggling and stop the demand for it. "


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