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Marketing targeted at children - how does it work?

Although children do not earn their own money, the business directly bonanza, not only in the pre-Christmas period. With a little exaggeration, that they indicate the style of purchases already in the prenatal stage, so it may happen that the chain store knows about the pregnancy before its vicinity. Children are also easily seduced by advertising that their merchants cater to. How it works and we can do something against it?

Parents of young children often want to buy everything you need in one place and in the shortest time. Retail chains tend to know about this and try to make the most of it. Method used to attract the lucrative group of new parents into the store, especially the children's discount consumer goods - diapers and baby food. The popular marketing methods are also attracting loyalty cards for discounts.

"Parents often do not realize how expensive are the benefits of loyalty cards purchased. Supermarkets thanks to them for their customers' homes learn almost everything. On the basis of algorithms they are able to assess whether their clients are divorced, have small children or garden. Subsequently able to respond flexibly and send coupons directly tailored to their clients. To strengthen their propensity to buy is still in the same place, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.
Reach similar marketing tools, for example, shows a case in Minnesota, where the retail chain Target knew about teenage pregnancy before her father. Based on data from the customer card (purchase loose clothing, lotion, and folic acid), he started sending discount coupons to the diaper, which led to the disclosure of previously undisclosed pregnancy.

Children will easily inspire practically anything, are manipulated and they like colorful things. Advertising aimed at young children is animated, color, highlights the elements of a harmonious family - mom, dad and safety. Already very young children can remember catchy melody and text ads. School-age children, by contrast, are starting to like advertising to help them psychologically separated from their parents and become part of a group of peers. Advertising for older children is therefore contrary played a figure in her children, who are between two and three years older than the target group, because the kids look up to larger children.
Great effect in the ad reaches a cast of serials and other heroes. Older pupils are beginning to positively evaluate advertisements that contain black humor.
A popular marketing tactics are also campaigns with collecting element. For example, the cards brought Smurf chain Albert in 2011, a multiple increase sales and enhance the perception of the Market as the so-called. "Family".

How to teach your children survive in the jungle of marketing? Psychologist Dr.. Romana Mazalová recommends:
"It is appropriate to teach children of consumer literacy from an early age. Already the youngest kids would be out of the mouth of parents have heard that advertising is not reality and that the information contained therein may be misleading, biased and incomplete. Advertising to children is a good show as something nezáživného, ​​filling the time. For example, you can mute the TV spot, switch, and point out that this is not funny. If a child requires thing I saw in the ad, it is not good to resolutely reject, which would increase the attractiveness of the product in the eyes of a child. You can pick up a child and clearly demonstrate and explain what you dislike about her, why does it seem overpriced, poor quality and so on. "

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