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You are overweight? Introducing 5 activities that you can do well

To begin to exercise regularly, but because of its excessive size and unusual visage was ashamed. Environment fitness clubs and gyms you not tempted, but spasmodic and uncontrolled movement harms. Advice on how not to deliver to the sport unnecessarily negative attitude and most importantly how to get started.

First of all, be sure to exercise your medical condition does not hurt. See your doctor and tell him about your plans. You will learn from him what types of sport are suitable for you and who prefer to avoid. Then simply select one of the following five exercise programs and embark on a journey to his slimmer and healthier self.

Walking first

Although many people do it does not consider it sport, walking is one of the safest and most effective types of exercise, not only for the obese. If it is not necessary to almost no equipment and can be operated anywhere. Especially strengthens the lower body, but it is an aerobic exercise, so fats are burned everywhere. The only initial investment is high quality shoe.

Exercise plan: If you have not carry on any physical activity at all, start with 10- to walking for 15 minutes every day. Gradually prolong the time until you reach the limit of 30 minutes. Remember the same time, there is no need to rip speed records, but rather to keep a steady pace throughout the walk. When your condition improves, the intensity can be increased to approximately 100 feet per minute.

2nd Exercise in water

All water activities are very gentle on the joints. The actual swimming but is physically very demanding and time akvaaerobiku not always available. Therefore, a suitable alternative offers walking or running water. To keep the body upright will help webbed belt, which can also be used for water aerobics classes. Exercise can webbed with free weights and other equipment. Is it possible to do exercises like sit-ups and other strength training. Water moves facilitates and strengthens your inner muscles of maintaining stability.

Tips for Water Walking: The feet should not touch the bottom. Forward motion is harder than it might seem, therefore, start again very carefully and only in short intervals.

Group third movement

Being part of one of the best motivations, both in sports endure. But before you have an exercise you choose, make sure it is really suitable for you. Try to pay the first one hour and observe what is the pace that you are comfortable with the style lessons, and last but not least if you instructor observes their wards, correcting them and helping them. Do not be afraid to go beyond themselves and possibly to ask for more attention and more accurate explanation of the exercises.

4th TAIC

Exercise combined with relaxation and meditation is lately becoming increasingly popular. Yoga is particularly popular, but that may be for overweight people too demanding. For example, positions that require balance is almost impossible, because obese have shifted the center of gravity. TAIC is quieter contrast, slower and position are easier. The emphasis is on breathing and meditation. An experienced instructor will also tell you how to calm the mind and improve sleep.

5. Strengthen

Is obese even more important than for others. The goal in this case is absolutely shredded muscles, but rather to relieve joints. Stronger people carry with them far more kilos than what the human musculoskeletal system built. Therefore, if flaccid muscles, all the work falls on bones and joints. Strengthening the joints cease to overload and, moreover, starts your metabolic rate - so even if you do not practice, the body burns more energy.

Tips from a professional coach

Choose a gentle movement of the back and joints.
Exercise with moderate loads everything and repeat 8-10 times.

Among engage strengthening and walking on the strip in a comfortable pace.
You should feel the muscles, but he would not hurt you. The tan is a sign that they work, while the pain is already damaging.
Keep a journal and track your progress.

Regular exercise is one of the major steps to change not only the look but also health. With the loss of excess pounds comes greater self-esteem and a better mood. And all this at the initial questioning and failures are worth.

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