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Asthmatic attack is no banality!

Asthma is unpredictable. A seizure may come unexpectedly, and then every minute counts. Patient readiness and awareness of surroundings are therefore in this case is absolutely vital.

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways. It is the most common chronic disease in childhood, but can occur at any time, even for an adult. The most common symptoms include cough and exertional dyspnea accompanied by wheezing. Sometimes the condition can significantly worsen and lead to an attack.

What occupies

Medicines for asthma are divided into reliever and anti-inflammatory. Reliever medication is inhaled spray that is supposed to have an asthmatic at all times and use it during attacks of breathlessness. Quickly relieves problems. In contrast, anti-inflammatory drugs include corticosteroids (powerful anti-inflammatory agents), and the long term aim to reduce inflammation in the bronchi.

When problems arise

Most important is to be able to timely recognize an asthma attack and prove a person in such a situation to help. Aid are the following symptoms:
rapid worsening of dyspnea,
his breath is short of breath, difficulty,
afflicted wheezing and whistling, not being able to speak fluently.

First Aid handle

If you experience any asthmatic inhaled drug does not call an ambulance straight away and wait for it to its arrival. But most patients thus tends to have on hand already mentioned reliever spray. In this case, proceed as follows:
Comfort and fresh air. Sit the patient, help him loosen tight clothing, open or otherwise secure the supply of fresh air.
Reliever spray. Affected completely exhales, puts into the mouth piece of the inhaler, 2 × presses a spray and deep inhales medicine. Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds and slowly exhale.
Call for help. If necessary, the application of the drug after 1-2 minutes again, up to a maximum total of 4 times. If the condition does not improve asthma, call 155 or 112. Until the arrival of rescue services continue each injection of 1 spray every 4 minutes.
Ongoing support. Sick often respond well to inhaled medication and the symptoms quickly subside. However, they can come back in the next few minutes, so stay with a man after suffering for so long before you feel completely well and will be able to speak normally

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