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Czech toys and crafts for the third time at the New Town Hall

Czech toys and crafts for the third time at the New Town Hall Czech toy and New Town Hall cordially invite all playful children, parents and grandparents on the 3rd Advent market ,, Czech toy and craft. " On the weekend of 12 and 13 December 2015 in the New Town Hall introduces Czech toy manufacturers and representatives řemesné creation. There will also be traditional creative workshops (not only) for children and a rich cultural program with children's choirs, puppet theaters and other shows.

After two successful years on the weekend 12th and 13 December in the New Town Hall in Prague again held Advent market "Czech toy and craft." New Town Hall premises unique offering during the third Advent weekend, the best of the toy and craft-making. On both days the event is open to 10 to 18 hours.

"At the event, visitors will again present the only domestic manufacturers of toys of all types and materials. We are pleased that in addition to producers who market our Advent attend regularly, also in this event every year and present the new producers. A major attraction of this year's 3rd annual model railway will be operational from the ETS and other companies. Sales of toys, as in previous years, complete offer craft and art products, children's books, regional food, and seasonings. This year, Advent market will focus more on skills and playfulness. ,, Creative world of Czech toys "will offer several workshops and a children's play corner with babysitting under professional pedagogical supervision. Parents can safely leave their children to their playing or creative enthusiasm and go choose from a wide selection of quality products "is the action of Peter Heinzl Czech toy firm, which organizes the event in collaboration with the New Town Hall.

"The third edition of the Advent market full of toys, original Czech products at the New Town Hall became a good tradition. We are always pleased to come to families with children, and parents and grandparents are often buy toys for the grandchildren that do not age. As always, we offer a rich cultural program, rest and play zone. It is an excellent program for the third weekend of Advent, "Advent
invites market director of the New Town Hall Albert Kubišta.

The good mood will surely contribute food stalls in the courtyard and inside the town hall. Visitors will be able to taste the local cuisine - soups or pies as a mother, and many other goodies. If necessary with warm, mulled wine and delicious coffee direct from roasters will be enough.

"We do not forget also to support those who need it - right in the Town Hall will be presenting sheltered workshops and other nonprofit organizations. The exposition Czech toy companies, including the possibility of a voluntary contribution, the proceeds will be used to buy toys, which will be endowed with shelters for mothers with children, and other organizations throughout the Czech Republic. The information will be published on the web site and facebookových Czech toys. Those interested in us, then we can now send and types of contacts to organizations that support such a worthy, "says the charity of the Advent Market Peter Heinzl from Czech firm toy.

Admission to the event is free

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