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Festive journey, the end of a memorable

Festive journey, the end of a memorable In a few weeks will be all around us peaking Christmas rush. Collecting presents, baking cookies and housecleaning, each year periodical carousel. For this reason, a lot of people last Christmas, or not apply. This year, however, they need not include those other hectic and insipid. We bring you tips on unusual Christmas experiences that are just forgotten.

Zurich for Christmas carols

One of the main symbols of the holiday season is the Christmas tree. Annually they light up large trees in many cities in the Czech Republic, which is enhanced by the pervasive atmosphere. If you think you have Christmas trees already seen countless and you can not be surprised, maybe you're wrong.

In Zurich, Switzerland is seen singing tree. It is not common tree. If you look up at it closely, you will find that this giant big as a house is actually a huge stage and glowing red candles are people from the choir in red scarves and hats. "The choir's Square Werdmühleplatz seen 19 to 23 December ever since half past five in the evening. Therefore, if you are lovers of traditional Christmas season, is definitely not let you miss this show. Choir singing carols every day, and the Gospel, "says Michal Tuma of the travel agency Invia.

Krampuslauf is definitely not for the faint of heart

If you Czech devils come a little scary and would like to at the beginning of Advent let a good scare, definitely head to Austria. Procession of devils, or Krampuslauf is full of hellish creatures, devils and demons. The mask itself then themselves chasing fear much more than our acquaintances dirty devils from coal. Huge horns, long hair and a crooked grimace rather resemble masks from the trilogy Lord of the Rings than European devils.

It is certainly worthwhile to take place in the first place, to parade to see. Rampage devils and rattling chains are indeed heard in other series, but the craftsmanship in the form of perfect masks are best seen right at the railing. Frequently visited the city with a traditional procession devilish as Schladming, Klagenfurt or Mariazell. Their parades can boast more than a thousand devils.

Will take place after Christmas pudding with London

London Christmas does not mean only the markets, you can also have fun. Early December include Covent Garden is a traditional race with pudding. At the beginning of each other must navléct huge Santa Claus costume. Then you can just grab pudding on a paper plate and deal with the traps in the form of inflatable obstacles and slides. To make matters worse, on all sides of you viewers spray whipped cream.

If it can not quite imagine, certainly not go to London to try on your own. Christmas pudding race was always runs in six-membered teams. The race promises not only a lot of fun, but also it will support a good cause. It is organized to support cancer research. The race will be held on December 5 at Covent Garden in London. If you prefer, however, to avoid London in early December, but the race after all you are interested in, the action takes place also in Brighton.

Even at Christmas can be tan

Have you had enough of snow, freezing temperatures, and also wearing a lot of clothes? Then he tanned festival of Christmas as perfect. This tradition is held in Australia every Christmas Eve, 25th of December. Swimming, sunbathing on the beach, surfing or rhythmic tones are its typical characteristics. The festival, which is held on Bondi Beach, visit each year over 4,000 fans and followers of non-traditional Christmas.

In addition, the celebration of Christmas in Australia or New Zealand is ideal for all impatient. Due to time zones to have them in the Czech Republic to wait 11 hours more.

Jump on New Year's Day in North Sea

If one of your resolutions this year include the desire to begin to harden, then the most appropriate time to start the New Year right. Take it to convince in the Netherlands and immerse together with other enthusiasts in the North Sea. Every year, January 1 to that Act on the beach at Scheveningen, The Hague involving around ten thousand daredevils. Such start of the year, you will surely remember for a long time. Definitely not at home do not forget to mandatory equipment, which is a classic orange cap.

Even the Arctic Circle can be pretty busy

If you want along with the Norwegians celebrate the return of the far north the sun, reindeer sled races in Tromsø are to events like creatures. Christmas, although it will be long behind you, but why do not you start the new year nezpříjemnit unforgettable event? And about 400 kilometers above the Arctic Circle is a lively and beautiful Norwegian nature will delight every lover of fairy-tale landscape. Races reindeer team will be held February 7, 2016, plan therefore interesting holiday now.

Journey to the Arctic Circle but perhaps a little more difficult, and if you've never been to Norway, we recommend that you first take a smaller bite. The Nordic countries are very tempting, drive and explore the landscape tradition in Oslo before Christmas.

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