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Bribes instead of gifts and New Year's Eve in a church. As previously celebrated Christmas holid

Bribes instead of gifts and New Year's Eve in a church. As previously celebrated Christmas holid The first Advent Sunday is behind us. Traditionally held in the spirit lighting up the trees with Christmas decorations and with the start of the Christmas markets. Ahead then there are holidays that although we celebrate, but we do not know too much about them. The tradition of the feast of St. Nicholas, for example, tells the story of a bishop, but which was never canonized. Christmas celebrations in the old days again looked more like wild parties filled with gambling and promiscuity.

Last November's traditionally kicked off Sunday in Advent time. Christmas has left less than four weeks, and all the action revolves around them. Another gladness that awaits us is the feast of St. Nicholas, which falls on December 6. On the eve of this feast then bypasses the home was St. Nicholas, accompanied by a devil and an angel. This tradition arose spontaneously in the past and was never really officially started. Nicholas of Myra was a bishop in the early era and into the subconscious of people thanks to his generosity and help the needy. Benefactions were directed primarily to children, so he became their patron. Feast of St. Nicholas falls on Dec. 6, when supposedly died.

Christmas full of peace? Up from 1989

Holidays peace and tranquility, this connection should associate Christmas. Always so but it was not. Tradition of celebrating Christmas began in the 4th century, when people began to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. "The essential part of Christmas wine, which is an important drink for the whole of Christianity. Wine to commemorate Christ's blood, why should u Christmas table not miss the red. Due to the composition of food served at Christmas I would therefore recommend a red wine with acidity. The ideal is then Lemberger and St. Laurent, "recommends cellarman Ondrej Lukes. Wine accompanied the celebration of Christmas since their inception, however, not always been peaceful celebrations. In the early Middle Ages, they have very few paid attention to the significance began to take up the time of Charlemagne. At that time, the form of lusty Christmas revelry, drunkenness and even promiscuity and gambling. In the 16th century instead of gifts handed out bribes. Christmas tree tradition come to us from the German states in 1812. In the 19th century, then stabilized and tradition of carp salad as the main Christmas Eve meal.

World wars, then significantly changed the tradition of Christmas. Nazism or Communism did not support these holidays too and tried to suppress them. Christmas as we know it today, is celebrated only since 1989. The church serves the Christmas midnight Mass, which is a remnant of the vigil.

New Year's Eve used to be a tradition in the church

In the Gregorian calendar, apart divides each of the years New Year's Eve, which falls on December 31. The end of the old and the New Year is celebrated only since the 16th century. Pope Sylvester I was a priest and later a pope who survived the persecution of Christians. Like the Feast of St. Nicholas and even the Silvestrův it has never been officially recognized, in the 19th century, even celebrated. Only prayer worshipers in church to thank you for the past year and pray for it to be a happy new year. Only later he began to govern the boisterous New Year's Eve celebrations, culminating in a midnight toast. "We should toast with sparkling wine. Most of us would prefer sect, because the Czech Republic is generally accessible. They are divided according to the content of sugar, which are popular variations brut, dry, semi-sweet demi-sec and doux sweet. As champagne may be from 1908 called only wine that was produced in the French region of Champagne-Ardenne varieties of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Mlynářka, "said Ondrej Lukes from Hustopeče winery.

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