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How to choose e-commerce?

Many people give at Christmas time prefer the convenience of online shopping before demanding hike along shopping centers. Poor choice of Internet business but we can prepare for the welfare of later complaints or demanding law enforcement. How to choose the right e-commerce and will not be burned?

"Versatile and simple advice there, but there are things that it pays to keep an eye on. The basic recommendations include not look only at the basic price of the advertised goods, avoiding payments in advance and verify information about e-shop, preferably from multiple sources. And pay attention to business conditions, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Low price may hook

Differences in various electronic stores achieve the same goods as well as hundreds of thousands of crowns. The first survey of prices can quickly get through the price graders, who at one point collected offers a variety of shops. Price, however, still says nothing about the vendors and it's good to check other facts.

Instead of the usual postage (for example, small electronics around one hundred dollars) from us trader may want to double plus a fee of 50 crowns per prepayment or 70 crowns per delivery. When I stop and return to the first price comparison, we may find that the store where the goods were about 150 crowns more expensive, offer free delivery.

The second common problem is the delivery date. Dealer confirms the order, but then informs the customer that the stock in his speech means that it is expected not earlier than 14 days. Hurry if the purchase is a good idea to prefer before ordering to confirm where the stored goods and how long does it take to delivery.

How to recognize fair conditions?

Even if the person is not a lawyer, you may notice in the business conditions of basic things. The Civil Code requires that contracts and business conditions remain legible and understandable so that they understand the normal person. They should not contain any small letters or hidden links and it would not be extremely long. If you tick consent to anything, we should get through a simple link to what we agree.

Some aid for consumers as certificates declaring that the terms of trade are fair to the consumer. Issued a consumer organization or association of entrepreneurs. Certificates of pages of traders is advisable to check on the person who issued it. dTest gives brand marketers dTest conditions.

How to get the information?

Confidence in the anonymous environment of the Internet e-shops deliver user reviews. However accessed critically. Nobody can ensure that the few positive reviews a business on your own site written or have hired an advertising agency that he cares about the positive feedback. According to the survey Dtest with false reviews met the majority of Internet users. It is therefore a good idea to verify the information from multiple sources.

If you buy in a particular store for the first time, it is appropriate to examine it more closely. Basic information about any store you can find on page


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