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Furiant heading to Sundance

One of the most successful Czech films of the year, in terms of participation in international festivals, is undoubtedly short film Andrew Hudečka Furiant. Now he was selected for the competition section of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival as the first Czech short film, and as the second short film from FAMU (after the film Love Birds graduate of FAMU International Bryan Lye). Sundance, the famous independent film festival, is a global leader in the marketing world debuts of the most talented creators.

This success was preceded by other festivals and awards. Furiant was first introduced in the program of young talents Future Frames at this year's Karlovy Vary festival, international premiered at the Toronto IFF, also was selected to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) festival NewFest in New York and also in Cardiff, England, where he was nominated for the Iris Award for Best LGBT Film. At the Prague Mezipatra won the special jury prize at the recent Famufest then the prize for Best Screenplay, Editing and Best Film.

Film Furiant It focuses on a pivotal moment in the life of the famous Czech playwright of the 19th century, Ladislav Stroupežnický. Displays romantic relationship between Stroupežnickým and John Ales, which forever changed his life. Seventeen Stroupežnický accidentally shot the poacher, then the mind has disappeared attempted suicide. The wound had ripped off the lower jaw and nose, and until his death he remained a mutilated face.

Furiant was at Sundance selected from a total of 8712 submissions of short films as one of 13 international feature films. This is the first Czech short film, and generally only the second Czech film that will be shown at the festival in the main competition section. Success is even greater, being a student film - those are the big festivals this type of exception.

"The success of the film Furiant for FAMU great joy. I appreciate the great efforts Hudečka Andrew and his entire team, which included were other students at FAMU, which made ​​the film managed to assert themselves on the international stage, "said FAMU Dean Pavel Jech.

Andrew Athletes studied directing and cinematography at perhaps Institute in Montreal and at the FAMU in Prague. In 2014 he participated in the Berlinale Talent. His previous short films, for example. O-Ring (2011) Years (2012) or Karaoke (2012), were presented and awarded at many festivals. Currently, developed on the basis of loudmouth feature film. Genre will be a paranoid thriller tells the story of Ladislav Stroupežnického 20 years later, when the famous playwright at the peak of creativity. His past sins, shown in the short film, begin to surface, and is in danger of losing everything so hard won.

"I have made ​​a film that I alone in cinemas missing, smart, author fun overlap, universally understandable genre movie that has a chance to succeed abroad, and who is not afraid to show on screen nudity, sex and violence," says Andrew Athletes .


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