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In winter, rising energy consumption. How protopit the least?

Utility costs in winter considerably grow. Most of the money we spend on heating, which makes up 60% of the total energy consumed in your home or business. More pay particular one who overheats. If, however, underestimate the preparation, you can even at the last minute to reduce their consumption by ten percent. How to do it?

Proper regulation will save up to 20%

With the rapid regulation of heating in your home or in any business thermostats or intelligent systems offering a wide variety of functions and programs. Devices that consider intelligent, solve problems with excessive heating and allow the heater must be set on a portion of the day or each room separately. "Each temperature level also means an increase in energy consumption of about 6%. If the temperature decrease the contrast, you can at every level to save almost CZK 2 500 per year, "said Roman Kouba, an expert E.ON energy savings.

Hint: Recommended temperatures are in the living room and kitchen of 20-22 ° C in the bedroom 18-20 ° C, in the nursery from 20 to 21 ° C, in the bathroom 22-24 ° C and 17-19 ° C corridor.

Air circulation threaten curtains

Supporters hinges perhaps unaware that the curtains increase energy consumption. This applies in cases where they do not cover only a window, but also the heater disposed underneath. Heating curtained can not freely transfer heat to the room and just at that moment the consumption can increase by up to astronomical 40%.
For optimum operation of the heater is necessary proper air circulation in the room. To reduce heat loss for heating can also place reflective film that reflects heat, increases heating and saves energy. The aluminum layer allows the film to reflect heat in the desired direction.
Interesting fact: Did you know that passive buildings consume about 90% less thermal energy than conventional buildings?

Old window is ztrátovější than non-insulated wall

Properties of the above windows and thermal losses depend mainly on the material of the frame and the selected filler. If you do not change the whole window, replace single glazing for heat-insulating glazing and proper seal. For wooden double windows reduce heat loss by up to 50%. If you do not change the windows, insulate them. "Not only older windows, lock the doors but before significant heat loss of a suitable gasket. The ideal option is silicone, which can stick to the current frame, "says Roman Kouba.
Note also the long ventilation, which loses 50-75% of heat. In winter, therefore, ventilate quickly and intensively completely open windows. Absolutely inappropriate use of the micro.

Early revisions of boilers avoiding risk

Owners of gas-fired boilers are obligated to check your appliance before the heating season. This preparation should not be underestimated nor the owners of solid fuel. Thanks to a few minutes of revision may contribute not only to secure heating, but also save you hundreds of dollars. If the boiler does not pass inspection, may have a negative effect on the health of household members or greater consumption, would prefer to have a revision even in November, when the temperatures are so low.

Clever solution is also addressing the current supplier that provides an adequate service at a discount. "Households leave control of boilers at the last minute so it can be in some places difficult to find equipment in a timely manner. Our customers from households and businesses can also use the service to E.ON Service boilers and earn less than 100 per month easy access and regular maintenance checks, "says Miloslav Fialka of E.ON Energie.

Most often discounts offered by your provider

The preferred solution to reduce spending on energy is also a change of supplier. But it is time consuming and lasts for several months. "Change vendor at this moment can be, but the change is not made ​​before the heating season, but rather up to the end," says Violet. On the contrary, can take advantage of special product of the existing contractor, which you can activate immediately.

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