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Dried figs and dates - rather read composition

Dried fruits can be a good source of fiber, minerals and energy. In stores but you can also come across products that contain added sugar, although it is not out of the package at first sight. Consumer organizations dTest allowed to test dried figs and dates, and besides sweetening been interested in it for the presence of mycotoxins and pesticides. Sinners are found.

The basic advice is to not buy dried fruit with added sugars, read very carefully the information on the packaging. "Two of the nine packs of dates, which we tested contained glucose syrup or sugar. We read it, however, until the composition of the name on the front of the package that is not known. Dates, pitted marks Albert even information about candied does not in violation of legislation, "said Hana Hoffmann, chief editor of the magazine dTest. A high proportion of sugar while the dried fruits contain naturally. From a nutritional point of view it is better to proslazovanému (kandovanému) fruit avoided because of added sugar is stored in the body as fat and leads to health problems.

Fruit during the drying process and during subsequent storage prone to mold. The laboratory examined the presence of toxins that arise from the mold. "We have good news. The only positive result that laboratory instruments indicated was well below the legal limit, "says Hoffmann. It's almost a miracle due to the fact that only the first nine days of November were on the borders of the European Union seized and returned to the 12 dangerous supply dried figs from Turkey. In some figs inspection discovered up to ten times exceeded the limit of aflatoxin B1.

dTest left in the test figs and dates examine the contents of residual pesticides that farmers use in production. "Black sheep in this test became candied dates of macros Horeca Select Dried Fruits & Nuts, whose manufacturer is K-Servis Praha. We have discovered in them a total of 11 pesticide residues, two of which are in relatively high concentrations, "says Hana Hoffmann. In addition to the amount of pesticide detected this particular product as well a number of ingredients in the composition. Besides actual dates pack still contains sugar, maltose, preservative, antioxidant sulfur dioxide and citric acid which are substances that in the composition of other products not.

Reduced assessment for pesticides should also dates from the Fine Life Macros (K-Servis Praha), which contained relatively high levels of the insecticide carbaryl. A further products lifefood Dates Bio and Country Life Bio dates seedless, although they were at half, or one fifth of EU limits for fresh fruit, but the evaluators took into account the comparison with other "non-organic" products, which prove that without pesticides it is also products produced by conventional agriculture.

"It is worth noting that the test mycotoxins in raisins and peanuts, which we published two years ago, occupied the second and third place with the highest number of ochratoxin A raisin same dealer as pesticides sinners of the current test dates, a K-Servis Praha. Manufacturers have sent warnings to the high incidence of pesticide woodpeckers with an invitation to correct, "says Hoffmann.

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