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Svéráz Norwegian hunt: on the one wolf is 723 hunters

The existing measures Norwegian government to protect the critically endangered carnivores recalls saying: "To cake and hunter remained satisfied." The bears and wolves that most of the year subject to strict protection, but each season is permitted regulatory shoot a certain number of pieces. He can shoot anyone who is registered as a hunter and takes a timely manner license. Hunters and issued licenses is obviously more than wolves. This year is renumbered at a ratio of 723: 1st

The queue at a licensed shooting wolves will put a total of 11,571 registered hunters. Those during hunting season (from early October to late March) all managed to frigid wasteland to the inhospitable conditions of the frigid north Cornered this year by quotas set by 16 specimens. Nor another Nordic Beasts are not doing much better. A license to shoot a bear he bought 10,930 hunters, even though it is only possible slovit 18 pieces. A 141 Siberian wolverine has a grudge 10,820 hunters. Yet apparently it is nothing extraordinary. As the echoes of the Norwegian Association for Hunting and Fishing (NAFH), the number of authorized controlled blasting each species of beasts and licensed hunters are settled at last years level. Yet Norway for its approach to regulatory licensing blast beasts enough bases.

When in the sixties almost extinct wolves in Norway, decided the local government for their consistent protection. Followed by twenty years' bezvlčí "period, brightened up only by the occasional pieces of migrating from Russia, Finland or Sweden. In the eighties enrolled Norway journey gradual reintroduction of wolves, which, however, was not without complications. Unwillingness to the provisions of the new wolf packs in Norway by sheep farmers and the need for certain conservation of wolves from hunters was "redeemed" clause regulating the blast. Each year, it is therefore determined on the basis of counting the actual number and population growth, which is derived from the regulatory quota blast. The result of this is that in Norway today live about 30 wolves.

Without regulatory blasting the hostility toward the beasts became stronger tone and sheep farmers might be tempted to "take justice into their own hands." Reason? Wolves are allegedly responsible annually for Slovene sheep in 1500, of a total of two million reared specimens. Just for clarification, fifteen hundred sheep torn wolves account for 100 000 sheep that die every year from other, unspecified reasons. According to a pre-set quotas Norwegian wolf population to its preservation "allowed" three females with cubs. Peter Wabakken internationally recognized "wolf expert," but notes that the control measures will probably no longer misses the point. "I think that at least in the case of Norwegian wolves they are part Slovena illegally or blasted poachers, and that the three dozen are overestimation . Norwegian wolf population is likely to be smaller. "

At present three dozen wolves accounted for more than 200 000 registered hunters who are hunting before the season is automatically informed of the possibility of acquiring licenses. Hunting is not just the prerogative of men. Of the 11,571 hunters who this year signed a wolf license, roughly 500 women, Number of Hunters are steadily increasing.


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