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Ten tips for diabetics, how to handle Christmas

Upcoming holidays mean beautiful moments spent with our loved ones. But for someone, for example for people with diabetes are also fixed clearance test. It is particularly important that these individuals chose your diet really well. We will advise how to do it.

Eating plan. Build it carefully and try to keep. It will help you nevrhnout after all, what just appears on the table. If you do not cook, find out in advance what will be served. To plan, specify, and how much alcohol you intend to drink up. It is important to write the list when you are sated, because hunger could negatively affect your judgment. For alcoholic beverages do not forget that often have a high energy value. If your plan know about the family, it will surely help him keep.

Stop starvation. At Christmas, this may paradoxically easily occur. Like when you're waiting until the festive table will meet the whole family, or going where the more sophisticated, the preparation can stretch. Starvation leads to overeating and both extremes are harmful to diabetics. Therefore, in such situations, send or vegetable protein appetizer, such as raw vegetables or a few pieces of meat.

Flooding. Before eating, drink a glass of water, easier to avoid such a large amount of food consumed. Both liquid partially fills the stomach and also ensures swelling eaten food.

Vegetables in 1st place. In your meal, this component should prevail. It has a low energy value, and also contains vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Particularly slowly! If you're quick eaters and after eating their portion will find that others still have a full plate, easily comes to mind that you should add. It is better to eat slowly - better food you enjoy and eat less.

Smaller portions. If this is your first Christmas with diabetes, remember that you should eat less than in previous years. Everything you see, passes into your blood stream and the amount of glucose, which is absorbed from the "Christmas" portions is large. When uber ulevíte his digestion and better enjoy your holidays because you will not be difficult.

Without cookies. Learn to avoid him. Sometimes rap out - it may be, but Christmas is the opportunity too much. Give yourself a few times and eat slowly.

Regularity is essential. Eat at the same time as you are used year-round. If not nestolujete, clean up everything from tempting reach. To avoid overeating bezúčelnému between courses.

Movement helps.
If you are looking for delicacies so hard that you can not stand it, you literally walk out or paddocks. You will be surprised, but it really works.

Necessary checks. When measuring blood glucose meter yourself, do it as often as possible. Keep track of how you stand, and eventually it can adapt treatment.

We wish you a carefree and happily spent the Christmas holidays. And remember that the greatest gift of all is health.

Source: Diary

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