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Kino 64 U Hradeb alive

Former premier Kino 64 U wall in Bridge Street in Prague 1, a significant cultural symbol of movie lovers a chance of reopening. Today, raw space will gradually undergoing renovations. This will lead to the emergence of a new social center focused on film and everything related to audiovisual creation.

The team around the recovery area 64 U Hradeb plans to introduce their project in more detail in the next year. Already, talks about "Film kultiplexu" a significant place that could combine filmmakers, professionals and fans. Space should also expand the possibilities for cultural and community facilities for residents of the Lesser Town and the surrounding area.

"Now we are at the beginning and it is great that we have in the case of the former Cinema 64 U Hradeb what navazo¬vat. This space can definitely deserves to be back on the cultural map of Prague and is moving up, how způ¬sobem still lives in the memory of many people. Do renewal also involve the local community and enthusiasts. We want to give again rise premiere theater, but also space for other cultural events associated with the film, "said the initiator of the recovery area 64 U Hradeb Jan pin.

Object Cinema 64 U Hradeb has a rich history and is located on the so-called. Royal Route. The former first-run movie theater was opened in 1964, the premiere image Hop-Pickers and its premiere here in the '60s snubbed important films of the Czechoslovak New Wave. Until 1989 it was 64 U Hradeb equipped with the most modern cinema in Prague. It disappeared in 2002 after a stormy attention of conservationists and the media, which threatened to rebuild the theater on the underground garage. Basic work to protect the area began in August.

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