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Young Canadian smuggled the body 51 turtles. They came to see him customs officers from both sides o

In federal court in Michigan Ann Arbor was tried in early December Canadian smuggler detained last year while trying to carry across the border almost a thousand turtles, including endangered species. The capture of the man who now faces a sentence of up to ten years imprisonment, certainly not fared skillfully. For example, customs officers seemed obvious bulge of his crotch, as a bare flesh around my waist attached patches 51 turtles inform Canadian newspaper ChronicleHerald.

Twenty-seven Canadian citizen Kai Xu, who claims to be a student of the University of Waterloo, violated during his attempt almost all the elements of conspiracy and refined confidentiality. Investigation into the viewfinder service came when a Canadian as the internet has ordered 200 Florida turtles to the address of permanent residence, while not applied for an export permit. Animal smuggling across the border is considered a federal crime and therefore Xu got on the list of suspects. Obviously, though, it was not enough and went to the US for shopping.

During their journey south USA bought several hundred different species of turtles. From "ordinary" wonderful turtles (Trachemys scripta elegans) over a diamond turtle (terrapin Malaclemys) to terapíny endangered turtles Carolingian (Terrapene carolina carolina). With that then subsequently went back to the border. Alabama but again could not resist the temptation and sent himself a part of the animals purchased at his own Canadian address. This shipment soon drew the attention of the courier service personnel the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Especially suspicious is the courier seemed shipment picked up directly from the SUV deliveries Mr. Xu, who had all the storage space filled with small plastic boxes regularly. It is therefore not surprising that the US-Canadian border between Detroit and Windsor waited clumsy smuggler welcome. See it came as customs officers on both sides of the border and agents of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. A total of 41 turtles stuck patches on the thighs and hips, and 10 specimens stored in underwear in front of them just could not hide. In the trunk furthermore, there were several other hundred individuals, stored in bags.

State Attorney Sara Woodward disposed towards the maximum length of sentence (ten years' imprisonment), because Mr. Xu succeeded without much difficulty to demonstrate the preparation of the project. A aggravating circumstance? Tax evasion. "The value of it smuggled goods, depending on the country of sale to acquire the sum of $ 30,000 (US), $ 80,000 (Canada) or $ 125,000 (China)," said Woodward. "In China, smuggled turtles are sold to three expensive. "

Author: R. Dohnal

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