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The most dangerous animal of Australia? Surprisingly bee!

One of the main reasons for a trip to Australia is nature. Wild, unexplored, beautiful but also treacherous. Do not get discouraged sometimes scary stories and enjoy the local flora and fauna to the fullest.

"It is true that in Australia there are many poisonous and jagged creatures, but for people most at risk is meeting with horses and bees," says the Englishman Steve Backshall, who dedicated his life to the study of nature and adventure. "Deadly snake bites or a shark attack is all over Continent really low, "he adds. To which the animals but still according to the author of many books better watch out?

The first box jellyfish

These jellyfish with a body shaped like a box or block caused since 1883 probably 81 deaths (in two cases the cause of death is not certain). The so-called sea wasp is almost invisible tentacles of a million žahavých cells. At the touch to the human body immediately gets so large amount of poison that is capable of causing death in a few minutes. Backshall notes, "Ordinary, protižahavý 'suit can prevent poisoning, no other animal but a human heart does not stop as quickly as these jellyfish. Therefore, take warning of their presence especially on the northern beaches enough attention. "

Second taipan

Taipan is the most venomous snake in the world - a substance in the body can kill up to a hundred adult males. But they are very shy creatures who live only in the remotest areas of the country. People with them have little opportunity to meet. In the case of bite, then it leads to death within 45 minutes. Good strangulation and immobilization of the victims, however, can add several hours to seek medical help. And what experienced Backshall? "With nejjedovatějším snake in the world will not come across! Me alone lasted three days and nights spent in the desert before he was found after a thorough search. "

3rd eastern brown snake

This reptile has not such a rarity, and people with it can meet more often. They taste his mouse, so is staying in populated areas. It is very aggressive, rises before the attack and his body creates a sigmoid curve. Bite prevents blood clotting and causes internal bleeding. Beckshallova counsel in this case reads: "Australia is the only country in the world where more than nonpoisonous species of poisonous snakes. Therefore, none of them stay away, let them be, and they let you. "

4th Honeybees

Australian bees are dangerous because of their venom contains a large number of allergens. This will become the second nejjedovatějším resident of Australia after snakes. Their stings are responsible for more deaths each year than sharks, snakes and spiders. Therefore, the bees need to be careful, and if you're to increased reactions to stings prone, do not forget to always carry epinephrine. When you feel that you bee punctures after starting badly breathe, stay calm and seek immediate professional help.

5th ringed Octopus

A charming creature with blue rings in his body neurotoxin, which is 10,000 × stronger than cyanide. Backshall says: "These squid are found for example in the Sydney bay. Most of the time but when you meet her diving and, if so, admire their beauty from a distance. "

6th crocodile

It is the largest living lizard on earth. It has such a strong grip jaws that can rozkousnout and gazelle skull. Every year, it is responsible for the death of 1-2 and 4-10 attacks on man. The victims are mostly people who fall asleep on the banks of the River Mary River, where these crocodiles is most widespread. Be vigilant especially in the northern regions of the flow. "Every time you go to swim, ask the locals if it is safe," said Backshall.

7th bull shark

Although these sharks are not in the headlines, the more it is however necessary for them to be careful. Bull shark gets too close to the banks because they are looking for food. It occurs also in large rivers and estuaries after the floods of 2011 came even to the streets in the suburbs. Adult males measure about 80 cm and weighs about 130 pounds. "Even with this shark you meet so easily, but would rather avoid the dark mouth of the rivers, where they like to hunt and would confuse you with his prey," says the writer.

8th Sklípkanec toxic

1.5 to 3.5 cm large spider lives especially in gardens in New South Wales, may sometimes fall into the pool. Fortunately, he was against the poison antidote invented so that since 1981, there were no fatalities. "Probably at this creature hit, but still prefer to shake clothing before donning it," Backshall recommends.

Australia is undoubtedly the home of the most dangerous animals in the world, but as an experienced traveler says Steve Backshall "No one with a little common sense should not worry about Australian wildlife. On the contrary, she is just a great reason to visit this country. "

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