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Ten Tips for Christmas without financial problems

With financial worries it is hard to enjoy a Merry Christmas. Christmas loans brings more trouble than joy. How to enjoy Christmas as much as possible and still save money?

Taking gifts on debt and thoughtless shopping at Christmas time is not reasonable. Fast Christmas loans are ultimately disadvantageous and very expensive gifts. If the family deeper into your pocket, so it is much better to take a more modest gifts. While respecting the fundamental financial rules can be a wonderful and relaxing Christmas with lower expenditures.

1) Christmas meet our financial capabilities

Exotic holidays during Christmas and snowy Christmas in the Alps, it is certainly an unforgettable experience, and how they spend the Christmas holidays would not be the responsibility of the family budget. "Excessive Christmas spending is reflected in the financial performance in the next year, and expensive week family stay abroad may mean eg. Family spending restrictions on rings and entertainment for a long time," explained Emil Brooch, CEO FINFOCUS.

2) Gifts do not buy on credit

Most people want to make their loved ones as much joy and buy them the most interesting and most exclusive gifts. But definitely not a good idea to take gifts to the debt. Each loan must repay, otherwise execution. In practice, unfortunately, there are thoughtless Christmas loans give rise to execution. "For the families affected executions is extremely difficult to find back to financial balance. While loan for housing or education is good debt and credit for gifts is a bad debt, "says Emil Brooch.

3) We keep the financial budget

Family spending in December is significantly higher than in other months. The main reason for the purchase of gifts. Many families have a pre-set financial limit on gifts for each family member, which is very useful and prevents a situation where the first buy expensive gifts and then due to a lack of funds for gifts for other family members need to borrow money unfavorably.

4) Finance to postpone Christmas during the year

For most of December purchases we leave the shop more money than we suppose, because we always felt that we needed something extra. Thanks sufficient financial reserve created during the year, you can also enjoy the hectic Christmas shopping because the stores do not have to count every item in the basket.

5) buy gifts in advance during the year

Think of a gift that will make loved ones happy is not easy. Especially while thinking of gifts at the last minute. In the final days before Christmas the same time increases the risk that unsuitable buy a gift or buy it considerably more expensive than during the year. Acquisition presents an ongoing basis in the second half of the year we are more at ease and conveniently purchase because of it we still have plenty of time.

6) The Internet is our helper

Goods that can be purchased over the Internet, it is often best to buy online. On the Internet it is easy to compare prices for individual retailers for a specific product. Buying over the Internet, it can save interesting amount. Apart from the peace of mind when ordering from home and unlimited operating time.

7) buy from list

Before Christmas, the shops filled with a variety of trailers and special offers. Shopping according leaf these days is financially responsible, this inconspicuous common method may mean for some families, as well as savings in the hundreds of thousand crowns. Pre-Christmas time is for financial reasons a good time for emotional purchases.

8) Do not purchase in time pressure

Stressed and in a hurry bad decisions and purchases. If you shoot a thoughtless gifts at the last minute, so it often happens that we spend on gifts, while a lot, but many will not bring the desired joy. Not only for family wallet is therefore good to have at least know exactly what we do for our loved ones happy when I leave buying gifts on the final day.

9) A quick solution is a voucher

Sometimes it happens that we have failed for various reasons until the last minute to choose any interesting gift. Before you buy a useless thing for a lot of money, then it is better to give credit voucher, whether in electronics or sports equipment. The recipient can then choose exactly the gift according to their wishes.

10) We do not make important financial decisions

Christmas is the most beautiful on the special Christmas spirit. "These beautiful Christmas days are not suitable for dealing with serious financial issues, because it is very difficult to make rational decisions. If possible, it is good to all significant financial decisions postponed until January days, thus reducing the risk of making the wrong decision, "said Broz.

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