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Stock is not always in stock

Consumers often complain about the lack of clarity in the declared goods availability on the website of the Czech e-shops. The biggest problems raises often used the word "stock". The current survey of online shops showed that comply with the promised delivery dates; however, do not delay purchase gifts at the last minute.

Frequent cornerstone of contention between customers and operators of e-shops is the delivery date. Dealer confirms the order, but then informs the buyer that the goods in stock in his speech means that it is expected not earlier than 14 days. But it does not match the consumer's mind, expecting that the goods will be able to pick up the same day or at the latest the following day.

"The word stock should indicate that goods can be ordered as soon as available on a stone or a branch of the trader immediately after order sent to the customer's address. Information about the stock should be constantly updated. And if it is older, it should be clearly stated how the information is old. The customer should also know how many hours can place an order, so that on any given day there are sent, "says
Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

dTest done these days survey of e-shops to find out how to inform about the dates of delivery of goods, and especially if it is followed. For all e-shops was prepared by the same shopping cart, which included smart mobile phone, flash drive, memory card, mobile phone or camera and car charger. The survey included 12 e-shop -,,,,,,,,,, B2C .com and "The results surprised us pleasantly, all e-shops comply with the promised delivery date," says Luke Green.

Although the survey turned out all online stores well, it should be noted that with the approaching holiday season may occur during shipping and subsequent transport of goods to delays. It is therefore advisable to postpone buying gifts at the last minute. If this happens and purchase a gift hurry, it is good to prefer before ordering confirm with the seller, where the stored goods and how long does it take to delivery.

"If you need to deliver the goods by a certain date, you talk to vendors already in the order. If it shows that, at a later delivery date are not interested, it is called. Fixed contract that expires, if the trader fails to deliver the goods on time. This eliminates the concern with the return of goods that would need to come up to Christmas Eve, "Green


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