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Returning Christmas presents - how?

What if some of the gifts that we find under the Christmas tree, do not sit or simply do not meet our expectations? Return or change of goods is relatively common, but need to act quickly. In addition, this law does not apply everywhere and certainly not unlimited. What are the legal rules and practices of merchants?

Returning or exchanging Christmas gifts are attempted annual evergreen. "Although it sometimes seems disrespectful towards donors, businessmen can resolve this situation and especially after Christmas with the need to change the goods or return the money certainly counted," says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

The Act guarantees us the right to return goods only in limited cases, and for contracts entered by using so-called remote communication (ie mostly online), or outside the premises for business (eg on the street). The fourteen-day period, which gives consumers the Civil Code to think, but around Christmas insufficient. Who shopped on the Internet in advance, could have the benefit of returning the goods ready. "Fortunately, a number of e-shops for customers who buy in advance, compensates their activity and gives them the opportunity to return the goods, for example, by the end of the year. An obligation to go beyond the law, although not, but the lure if customers are willing to buy before Christmas on an extended return policy, must be observed, "says Luke Green.

Buying and returns in e-shops has its own clear and statutory rules. Remember that the deadline for withdrawal runs from the takeover. Nearly everything we can within the fourteen day period and try to unpack. Communication sellers that thing we come back, withdraw from the contract. On the actual return to the store, we have further maximum of 14 days since we parted. Merchandise return complete, if possible in its original packaging, undamaged, but if bears traces of the trial, the right to withdraw extinguished. Seller must return the money within 14 days, but usually it is done quickly.

Legally complicated the return of goods in regular shops. There is still no legal right whatever to go back without any reason, so that each shop is managed and its customers that tend to worry. Possibility to return or exchange goods is mainly in large stores and chains usual, but not the obligation entrepreneurs. Each year, leaving many consumers empty-handed because of a particular dealer or return the goods did not allow the customer did not fulfill the conditions for repayment that every trader can set yourself.

Conditions for returning goods in shops are individual and it is good to drive, according to them the choice of business, especially if you're not sure if we hit it with a gift. Mostly we need to return the original bill, sometimes the packaging and all labels. Some stores will return for unsatisfactory goods money, others only allow you to choose from the current offer or provide a voucher for your next purchase. "Deadlines are also individual, the shortest start at 14 days or dealer determines a fixed date by which can be any before Christmas goods purchased return. Ordinary time is usually about one month, but no exception longer period. Search for specific information on sales orders, receipts at, but mostly it when shopping, ask if you can, how and by when, "Green recommended.


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