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Children in foster care do not need expensive gifts, but male role models

Men have to foster a positive development of the children considerable influence. Yet in the context of long-term foster care neglected group. With the increasing popularity of foster care in the Czech Republic is growing need to address their roles in foster families and in the lives of children in their care. This stems from new research by the League of Open Men, which is its focus unique not only in this country but also abroad.

"For children growing up in foster care is a very important emotional bond with positive male role model. Can compensate for the tragic life experience with men, these children are often from their original families, "says sociologist Peter Josef League of Open Men, author of Men foster parents in the country.

The analysis summarizes the foreign experience and outcomes of qualitative research, which is from May to September this year, attended by 21 men, foster parents and 12 professionals from organizations that foster parents accompany them.

"For most men with whom we spoke, childcare is a very important value. Significantly, however, differ participation of men and women in the foster care system. Ranging from education, through the distribution of roles in foster care until contact with experts from accompanying organizations. Men foster parents are less active than women. Partly because they tend to be neglected even by the system, "continues Peter.

The research was focused on the analysis of values, motivations and needs of men foster parents with regard to issues that are associated with their roles. For example, relationships with the family of the child, fostering reconciliation with the role of breadwinner or working with aggression - even their children. It was implemented under the project fosters Grow, which focuses on support and education of men in foster families and was based on the demand accompanying organizations.

"We men offer topics that are of interest to them and current. Also arrange to have met together. If you have a training course for one man ten women, it is not ideal, "says Lenka theme Ondráčková organization of accompanying children belong home.

League Open Men now testing a special program for the foster parent who creates just such an offer. As one of its participant: "This meeting is not bad. I'll meet you guys just foster parents, we can share experiences and draw the stories of other specific details and procedures as necessary in some situations in the education act. "

Interest in foster care is increasing

In the Czech Republic a growing number of foster parents. It is classified among the advanced countries in caring for disadvantaged children. MLSA registered 31 12. 2014 a total of 10,244 people who had at least one child placed in long-term foster care. Furthermore, the new 421 foster parents temporarily. Their number in 2014 almost tripled. Number of children in foster families exceeded the number of children in orphanages and infant institutes.

"With the number of foster parents and the children entrusted to their care is also growing need for education of caring men and women, as well as the need for thematic research, which will systematically analyze the foster care in the Czech Republic from different perspectives. The theme of men of foster parents is one of the areas that need to start paying more attention, "says Petr topic.

Source: tz LOM, editorially modified

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