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Sauna: protect the heart and prolongs life

When it's cloudy, cold and gray, has very idea thawed sauna is nice. The Finnish gift to the world, according to experts additionally good for the heart, and is suitable even for cardiac patients.

Researchers from the University Východofinské followed 2,300 men for about twenty years. They divided them into three groups according to how many times a week went to the sauna. Each visit the device meant an average 14 minutes spent in the temperature of 175 ° C. During the monitoring period died:
49% of men from the group that went to the sauna once every seven days
38% of those who went twice a week,
Only 31% of people saunujících it 4-7 times a week.

Frequent visits to the hot environment also reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular events. This is not a novelty, sauna beneficial effect has been well documented. Lowers blood pressure, and everything suggests that it has a beneficial effect on blood vessels.

What are you most interested

1. Can the sauna and cardiac? Previous studies have shown that this hobby benefit people with risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Generally speaking, stay in the facility safe and possibly beneficial for people with moderate heart failure.

2. They take baths and steam equally positive impact?
Unfortunately, it is a unique Finnish effects (dry) saunas and the positive results it is converted to steam baths and hot baths. In Finland, the sauna room lined with wood, usually heated stove covered with stones. The air inside is very hot and dry. It's a place where you meet a Finnish family and friends for generations. Sauna etiquette, which prohibits, for example, roughly scold or discuss controversial issues, the Finns instilled since childhood. Although the sauna improves physical fitness, it is doubtful whether it can replace the sport. But it is possible to enjoy a stay here after exercise, which is very healthy. The researchers also emphasize the ability of the sauna to alleviate stress.

3. When is the sauna to avoid?
In any case, it is not recommended for people suffering from unstable angina or a recent history of acute myocardial infarction. If your doctor has warned before exercise, you probably will not benefit or sauna. People with high blood pressure should avoid sharp changes of temperature, such as quenching in cold water after the sauna - it may further increase the pressure.

4. You can indulge in a drink? Alcohol and sauna is not a good combination, so rather avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages and weak.

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