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Five tips on how to avoid the New Year hangover

The New Year's Eve inherently drinking alcoholic beverages. Although we often have the best intentions in the morning just we wake up with a headache. Stick to our advice and the first day of 2016 can be enjoyed in full force.

1. Drink more ... water!

With each alcoholic beverage to drink, are eliminated up to 4 times as much liquid. The diuretic effect of alcohol and its ability to contribute to dehydration problems associated with a hangover. Now dehydration causes headaches and general discomfort. It is therefore recommended to drink with each drink a glass of water. Hydration is able to reduce the negative effects of alcohol.

2. Try ice

One possible way is also consumed a drink with ice. As the cubes melt, drinks are diluted. In addition, if you drink slowly, stay in shape. There is no need to hurry, the body absorbs alcohol faster than you can zmetabolizovat it. Thus, the faster you drink, the more time they spend toxins in your body affects the brain and other tissues. Tempo processing alcohol depends on the sex, weight, age and condition. Otherwise, one drink is metabolized about 60 minutes.

Omit third bubbles

It has been found that carbonated drinks increase the rate of absorption of alcohol in the blood. Alternate sects with clean water or try to order a drink that looks like - fruit beer in a glass of champagne. You feel like you have a "real" champagne, but it will not have such consequences.

Do not save 4th

Scientists have confirmed the link between drinking alcohol and congeners chemicals that contribute to taste, smell and color of the drink. In the study, people were drinking either whiskey or vodka with the same alcohol content. On the second day, both groups reported that they have a hangover. Interestingly, the individuals drinking whiskey felt worse in comparison with the second group. Scientists attribute this to being a ratio of congeners, which is 37 times more whiskey. Generally one can say that the clear drink contains less than congeners dark, but it is not clear rule. But, the more expensive drink drinks cheaper tends to contain a higher amount of the mentioned chemicals.

5th Dine

Conversation is an ideal way to avoid drinking. When you speak, you do not drink. The best way to employ the mouth, but give yourself something to eat. Food slows the absorption of alcohol, so you have more time it zmetabolizovat. What is advisable to eat? Cool foods are rich in polyunsaturated fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in some fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines), nuts and seeds (walnuts, flax seeds).

Generally, the best thing for your health you can do is avoid alcohol. But not everyone has such a strong will, especially if it is surrounded by the drinking buddies - it can then feel confident social pressure. If you choose ultimately alcoholic drinks, do not forget to drink enough clean water!

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