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Spend the winter your skin special care

During the winter, the skin is exposed to cold weather outside and the dry air in the premises fired heating. Facing frost, wind, moisture and dry air, it is therefore more sensitive and faster irritated. Therefore, we should skin care in winter more attention.

Our organism against harmful environmental influences helps protect the skin. Although her winter season in thermoregulatory function greatly help with clothing, some parts of the skin - particularly the face and hands often - in constant and direct contact with the environment.
"When the outdoor temperature drops below 8 ° C, the sebaceous glands in the skin decreases production of lipids to a minimum. In freezing weather, we choose as a day cream rather greasy, nourishing and protective creams (water-in-oil). It protects the skin from cold and better maintain skin moisture, "says a leading Czech dermatologist doc. MD. Monika Arenbergerová the project

A fat film prevents the evaporation of water, so that the skin remains supple and also unnecessarily chilling. Evaporation of water is always also means an increased heat loss, cooling and also damage to the skin surface.

"Dense cream you'll need particularly in extreme climatic conditions: in the mountains, in high frost, during a long stay outdoors or in harsh wind," says an expert. "Under normal conditions, when the skin is exposed to cold or freezing temperatures, we can use creams that best suit your skin type, for example. And moisturizing. The ideal is to use a time when we are home during the day, or apply at night. "

Special care lips and hands

Area red lips contains sebaceous or sweat glands, and therefore suffers especially during the cold season. Part of every handbag should be nutritious lipstick, preferably with SPF in case of visits to the mountains. Hands where we see often over-dried backs, we should more often macerate and unnecessarily expose them to frost (wear gloves).
"The skin around the nail in the winter often přesouší, painful cracks and fissures arise. In this case the help bath of a mixture of almond, sesame and olive oil are heated to 37-40 C. After the bath temperature falls, the hands and gently pat dry We take. For better effect, we can then also rub the mixture into a nearby nail, "advises dermatologist.

How to Acne Prone Skin

Wearing scarves and hats in the winter dampness promotes skin - increased sebum production. For the deterioration of the skin in the winter is also the weakened immunity and lack of vitamins.
"To cool the skin for action throws light makeup, which performs in the winter just two functions. Aesthetic, which covers the bumps and pimple and give your face a fresh color and tone. Protective when the combination of the base and the natural pigment creates a kind of nepotism against the harmful influences of the external environment. Make-up can also be combined with anti-acne skin morning when we treat with a suitable product and on its wicking elected Apply makeup, "she advised Ms. associate professor.

If you suffer from acne, keep in mind that you follow the cleaning and treatment of the skin did not get into the cold outdoors immediately, but only after 15-30 minutes. Makeup and skin acne treatments can sometimes cause skin irritation and redness. This combined with the dry cold air often leads to discomfort.

Generally, lighter moisturizing creams are suitable for summer and winter we go for greasy foundations that perform better protective function refrigerate or freeze. People with acne skin would greasy creams or masks should seek to avoid deterioration superfatted skin and acne. The ideal choice are BB creams with cover and protective functions.

Attention - frostbite arise only when frost

Frostbite to make the action of low temperatures on the skin and deeper game. They have approximately comparable appearance and individual graduation as burns. It is important to realize that the tissue damage may occur even at temperatures above the freezing point of e.g.
"When sufficiently severe conditions (eg. Wet clothes, riding a motorcycle) are mainly peripheral parts of the body omrznout and at +7 degrees C. The treatment is safe and gentle warming of the affected part of the body and skin outpatient consultations," says a leading Czech dermatologist doc. MD. Monika Arenbergerová the project

Final tip: The winter months is useful for procedures such as laser treatments or chemical peels. Skin heal better and not have to worry about the increased pigmentation due to ultraviolet radiation.

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Author: Šáírka Pelcová

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