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Resolutions for 2016: Select the healthiest!

Who among us at least once in his life did not enter into the New Year with a resolution to that noble? But to deliver on promises and bring the matter before the end can handle only one really determined. Will it next year as well?

New Year's commitment last few. Besides, it was also confirmed by scientific studies, which found that while the first week of its decision to hold three-quarters of the people, after half a year, it's less than half. If something really worthwhile to work on, it changes affecting our health. Try to think about the following tips.

1. Adjustment weight

Losing weight is traditionally ranks New Year's resolutions. To persevere, you do not expect amazing results in a week. What is important is diet modification, so that you tasted, and the changes are sustainable. Likewise, it is advisable to choose a physical activity that you do not feel like torture.

Closer second family

Although at first glance does not seem to have regular contact with family members is important for our health. Expert studies have suggested that individuals with solid social ties live longer than those who do not.

3. The final Smoking

The health benefits of doing away with tobacco has been said by many. The motivation for you may be other benefits, such as the money that you save, or a positive role model that offers their own children.

4. Less Stress

Chronic stress can lead to depression, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. While it may seem that stress is all around us, it can be successfully combated. Treat yourself regular rest and get enough sleep, do not forget about your hobbies and friends, learn to 'switch off' and relax ...

5. No so much alcohol

Excessive drinking does not benefit health. Increases cancer risk of excess blood pressure, heart and vascular diseases including stroke, damages the liver, pancreas, brain and many other organs. If you limit the number of drinks consumed is a problem, contact the experts in the treatment of addictions.

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