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Alcohol improves digestion - but only in small doses!

Drinking can make life more enjoyable, but also us as troublesome. And it is equally paradoxical is its impact on the health of the organism. How does alcohol signed our digestion?

Benefit of a few

Who Czechs never declared or at least heard of the pork, dumplings zelu health reasons to drink beer? Behind this tale is unfortunately too does not hide the truth. The combination of alcohol with a high fat meal on the contrary, may our digestive system badly overloaded. The following facts are scientifically proven.

Small doses decreasing the risk of gallstones.
This is probably the ability to interfere with the metabolism of alcohol, cholesterol, which is contained in the bile.
Its effect on cholesterol and blood clotting alcohol also reduces the probability of atherosclerosis and the associated called. Metabolic syndrome.
Reasonable amounts of these beverages can have a beneficial psychological effect if the consumption associated with moments of relaxation and rest.

As you can see, the benefits resulting from alcohol are not many - the other two are said even though the digestive system do not apply. Did we mention it only because they are the most important positive effects of drinking on our health. But experts are almost unanimous: These benefits are compared to the risks that arise from alcohol, absolutely negligible.

Tyjátr liver

Furthermore, already fairly let's digestive system. Someone imagined it only as a "tube" formed by the stomach and intestines, but also includes pancreas, gall bladder and liver. Now she is responsible for the processing of nutrients, elimination of harmful substances, bile formation - in short, could be considered as the most important organ of the digestive system. And because they are so important for us, the liver has an amazing ability to self-renewal, and it is quite hard to "destroy". Alcoholics, but it often succeeds.

Even small doses of alcohol cause liver called. Steatosis, steatosis. It's filling in liver cells of yellow fat droplets. Formed in response to attempts by these cells to process alcohol. Almost everyone who occasionally goes to a pair of glasses, a liver to some extent ztukovatělá. Steatosis itself is not serious and is fully refundable - to its elimination just a few weeks of complete abstinence.
Fatty However, the first step towards the issue. Over time they may in fact be relieved by vazivovatěním or fibrosis.
The next stage is then cirrhosis of the liver, which in its final stage is complete liver failure. Whether one comes to this condition, only dependent on the amount of alcohol consumed, but also on the assumptions of congenital and environmental factors.

Pain, diarrhea and malnutrition

There is evidence that increased consumption of alcohol can cause:
damage to the stomach lining inflammation - gastritis,
nausea and vomiting,
flatulence, diarrhea, less frequently, constipation,
increased risk of cancer of the oral cavity, esophagus, small and large intestine,
malnutrition caused by alcohol impairs absorption bowel function, or inability dependent hearty eating,
chronic and acute inflammation of the pancreas - pancreatitis.

Some of these symptoms are merely annoying other serious. One thing they have in common: we would have been better without them. Therefore, if you suffer from indigestion, stop their daily pint defend and watch him for a while a break. And while you're at it, forgive it and pork, dumplings and sauerkraut. Perhaps you feel better without them.

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