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Beware of unauthorized consumption of energy

When you say unauthorized energy consumption, you think maybe illegal workshops illegally consuming electricity in bulk. Unauthorized buyer, however unintentionally you can be too. Just when you forget to keep an eye on energy bills, or you do not notice that your measuring device has a broken seal.

Unauthorized according to the Energy Act, energy consumption without a contract for the supply or in the case of repeated failure to meet payment obligations. And furthermore, if it takes place without measuring devices or the failure of the measuring device.

"Even if you have a contract duly signed and energy fair pay, it may be that the unconsciously commit illegal consumption if the measuring device is damaged, even without your fault. The state of the measuring device is equivalent to the customer regardless of how the damage occurred. This is true even in a situation where the measuring device in a public place and can harm anyone, "says Luke Green, head of the production department, legal Dtest.

In connection with the unauthorized consumption of electricity and gas you can also commit the offense for which the practice of imposing fines in the hundreds of thousands of crowns, can not impose a fine of up to 100,000 crowns. In extreme cases, it could be illegal consumption of energy considered theft under the Criminal Code, under which threatens the basic rate of imprisonment up to two years. As a result of illegal consumption of energy may be disruptions supplier after you but also may require monetary compensation and the amount you may be unpleasantly surprised.

Customer is obligated to compensate the supplier damages for illegally consumed energy and pay him costs associated with identifying illegal consumption. If the actual amount of illegal consumption can not identify a customer and a supplier to agree, determine the amount of compensation under special regulations. "The supplier may in calculating compensation based on the consumption of appliances installed at the sampling site, but the decree allowing suppliers to fix a refund on the basis of the maximum technically possible power, which can be up to eleven times higher than the normal real consumption, "says Luke Green.

The ERO acknowledges that suppliers sometimes purposefully use alternative calculation according to regulations instead of the actual detection above consumption to maximize reimbursement. The Constitutional Court recently in connection with the unauthorized consumption of electricity, which can however also be applied to other energy consumption, he said, it is up to the court whether and how to quantify the amount of compensation. For the calculation does not have to use the Order, but may for example take into account a previous history of energy consumption.

Prevent unauthorized sampling can be especially monitoring contractual obligations to suppliers. Check therefore whether the time and in the correct amount of the advance and pay any outstanding bills. You should also watch your measuring device and its damage to the Contractor. The measuring device should be adequately protected against damage to the place where it is located. If you are located in the hallway of the house or outside the house, it is possible to secure locker with sight glass. In case you rent an apartment or house, rather convert energy to the tenant, otherwise the consequences for any unauthorized energy consumption will bear you.

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