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Proof of disability in the European Union? Universal does not exist yet

Uniform ID card for people with disabilities, which would be valid in all European Union countries, does not currently exist. However, if long-term residents in the territory of another state, you do not have health benefits for returning to the Czech Republic. The European Union is working uniform assessment service.

Proof of persons with disabilities

PWD are entitled to a license, a person older than 1 year with physical, sensory or mental disabilities, long-term nature of the adverse condition that substantially limits her ability to mobility or orientation. Passes to the severity of the disability abbreviated TP, ZTP and ZTP / P. TP card is awarded to those with moderate functional impairment of movement or orientation, ZTP in severe disability and ZTP / P during a particularly severe disability. ID cards of people with disabilities while bringing numerous benefits. These include the possibility of using the reserved seating on public transport, free transportation by public transport, parking in specially designated places or various discounts on entrance fees for cultural and sporting events. Detailed information about the discount card of Persons with Disabilities provides website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

For freedom of movement

In the European Union there is still no universal card for people with disabilities. The above mentioned advantages and is valid only for the country in which the physically disadvantaged individual is entitled to a certificate of PWD. However, according to a press release available on the website of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities in the Czech Republic, it seems that the situation could change in the near future. EU Commissioner Marianne Thyssen had announced that 2016 will be the introduction of a single European license to work 17 Member States. Card should thus facilitate the travel of persons with disabilities in other member countries, while allowing them to the same benefits and discounts in the area of ​​culture, leisure, sports and traffic as people with disabilities in the country.

Assessment service in the European Union

Many citizens of the Czech Republic managed to work abroad, where he stays for several years. If prolonged stay there for a specific individual fault state of health, in this case due to the disease multiple sclerosis, the patient will return for health benefits may not return to the territory of the State in which the entitlement to benefits. This is made possible thanks to the existence of a single assessment service. In such cases, the State in which the person resides, to draw up a medical report to be forwarded to the State in which the person is entitled to benefits. But the home state may reserve the right to have the patient examined by a doctor of their choice. The whole issue of assessment service is available on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.


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