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Heart attack at a young age? Nothing unusual

According to statistics in our country die prematurely, before 75 years of age, diseases of the circulatory system 44% of men and 18% women. When you succumb to heart failure octogenarian, is more natural than to die if the man in his thirties. Why do some young men get a heart attack and what is the defense?

What we break the young hearts

Coronary artery disease is the most common culprit of early heart attacks. It is a condition where the heart gets less oxygen than it needs. As the cause could but should also consider:
congenital anomaly of the coronary arteries,
blood clot - that may occur on an entirely different site and be transported through the bloodstream to the heart where the coronary artery becomes blocked,
clotting disorder - these illnesses can have the same result.

A wide range of factors that lead to heart attacks, then added:
seizures or inflammation of the coronary arteries,
Radiation therapy of tumors of the chest,
thoracic trauma,
drug use.

Studies from around the world indicate that about half of sudden deaths represents any heart disease. Approximately 33% of all affected died due to congenital defects, 28% had coronary atherosclerosis, 20% of the inflammation of the heart muscle, and the rest of structural and other abnormalities of the heart.

Beware of atherosclerosis!

Doctors usually explain it as hardening of the arteries, in fact it's much more complicated process. Begins storing soft, fatty material that later changes in the plates. They adhere to the arterial wall and narrows it. Atherosclerosis begins in the blood, not arteries. Excessive amounts of "bad" LDL cholesterol passes through the inner lining of arteries. Gradually creates tiny crystals of larger structures, which are visible as fatty streaks. These strips do not cause any damage if it is enough "good" HDL cholesterol that removes cholesterol from the blood vessels and thus reduces losses. Particularly vulnerable are damaged arteries:
high pressure,

Without the help and prevent fatty plaques can gradually spread. Heart attacks are fast, lasting a few minutes. However, atherosclerosis is a slow process that develops over several years. Its origin may have been at an early age is important because prevention.

Gentlemen in danger

In the Czech Republic, the average age when a man hit a first heart attack, 65 years old, for women it is 72 years. Two to six percent of all people affected constitutes under 45 years. These are mainly men, and they should certainly not ignore the warning signs because they are too "young" to heart disease. The risk of occurrence increases:
Family predisposition to heart disease,
high LDL-cholesterol,

Recommendations concluding

Although in recent years reduces the proportion of deaths from cardiac complications, prevention remains the best treatment. An important role of screening for risk factors in families (hypertension, obesity, diabetes). Its importance is the fact that adults go to their children by example. Keep in mind that it is never too late to start with proper diet and regular exercise. It is recommended to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and dark bread. Such a diet is rich in saturated fats, which stands for formation of atherosclerosis.

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