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PICSI - new chance for childless couples

More and more people wishing to own offspring no luck. Although artificial insemination methods that are already solved a lot, it's still a lot of those, for which there are repeated attempts just another disappointment. However, one of the latest treatment methods promises much greater success.

PICSI is a method that allows you to use the intracytoplasmic injection into eggs only mature sperm quality, which is pre-selected. It is actually a modified procedure intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ie. ICSI). In this surgery, the sperm selected primarily based on the shape and motility. But this does not mean that they always manage to choose the healthy ones, with good ability to fertilize an egg. Now PICSI method but it will help doctors choose the functional mature sperm, thus increasing the success of artificial insemination.

First choice, then the application

PICSI is based on testing the natural ability of sperm to bind to hyaluran. Hyaluran is a natural substance that is an important part of the packaging eggs which sperm must penetrate in order to fertilization. It is this intersection is one of the critical steps. Sperm that is highly bound to hyaluran, better able to pass the shell eggs - can therefore be considered to be mature and of good quality. The actual testing is done in a laboratory dish. The doctor selects the sperm, in which it is shown together with hyaluranem, and it is then introduced by injection into the cytoplasm of the ovum.

Solutions only for some

About whether PICSI method is right for you, you must, of course, consult your doctor. Its use is not suitable for example at a low number of active sperms (less than 1 million sperm in the final sample), or when the majority of sperm immobilization. Conversely, it is particularly recommended in the following cases:
with low skills fertilization,
occurs if repeated implantation failure eggs,
if a history of poor development of the fetus,
if poor sperm quality - particularly reduced motility or sperm morphology,
at higher risk of miscarriage.

A lot of advantages

Why choose this solution? When PICSI is compared with a lower risk of ICSI failures fetal development. Research has shown that sperm with positive linkage to hyaluran are less prone to DNA damage and chromosomal disorders. There is generally a higher chance of successful fertilization and low risk of miscarriage.

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