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POV 2016: Million Compensation for survivors insurance will go up again

Car insurance last year prices increased the most risky groups, especially motorists. Constantly rising cost of compensation for non-pecuniary damage and other costs as well as holding the liability insurance market overall loss.

The new Civil Code extended the range of persons who may claim damages in an accident, the amount of addition is not restricted.
Insurance companies have recorded cases where survivors of victims of traffic accidents, earned millions in damages. In doing so, it is expected that non-pecuniary damage continue to grow, which will inevitably lead to price increases liability.

Online insurance after years of decline rising again. Last year was not very significant price rises and concern especially on high-risk motorists. Further rate increases MTPL us but according to experts await this year and in future years. According to data from the Czech Insurers Bureau (CIB) is the total loss MTPL closer over the past year to 10%. In addition to the rising cost of claims for damaged they must pay insurance contributions to the Fund, loss prevention, fire brigades paid trips to accidents and the cost of them also increases the abolition of compulsory contribution uninsured drivers to the guarantee fund CIB.

"We therefore expect the price of liability insurance in the next few years to increase further, which is mainly for two main reasons," says David Bare of "The first reason is that some insurance companies in recent years have developed very successful effort to recruit clients through aggressive pricing policy. Today, however refrain from such an approach and carefully evaluate to risks and modeled loss ratio, which increases the cost particularly in higher-risk motorists, "says Holy.

The important fact is that the rights of victims in traffic accidents in the event of non-pecuniary damage continues to increase, and certainly not definitive. "The second fundamental reason for rising prices is the new Civil Code, which causes sharp increase damage to health. For the amount of compensation is also critical loss of life chances damaged, "says David bare the fact that now two of the injured person, who suffered the same injury, may not reach the same level of compensation.

Each case is assessed individually. Therefore, for example, young people who bodily injury disrupts whole life, athletes in the training invested a fortune, or perhaps a budding musician who had a promising career ahead of him, can claim compensation above standard. The amount of compensation is therefore very individual and has expanded the number of people who can claim and compensation for mental suffering associated with loss of a loved one. "Many insurance companies registered claims for compensation for mental suffering of survivors of several million crowns and it is clear that such cases will still more, which in the prices of liability does not necessarily occur, "says David Bare.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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