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The exhibition LES - Let yourself be drawn into the story of trees and people

It is good to know that the exhibition will get a free guide. Lesa concept is based on the so-called. Storytelling: the exhibition is accompanied by guides who Visitors story tells of the forest and the people. And as he explains Václav Kinský, forester and one of the authors of the idea of ​​the exhibition, each guide forest story a little differently.

"We wanted to get each of our storytellers discovered his own relationship to the forest, to tell his own story of the forest," says Kinsky.

Forestry exhibition in the truest sense of the word interactive. But do not touch screen and multimedia effects. Interactivity Lesa is that visitors become part of the story, they can sit in an office clerk forest and study the forest mPay, the state forest animals (and that use funny disguises paper), they can touch wood, leaves, soil. Hear the sounds of the forest and wait for the forest buzzing bees. Expository passages alternate with moments calmed-down listening to the sounds of the forest, the area is also at play and creativity.

The exhibition is spread over two floors of the museum and continue into space, where the offices of officials of museums and offices leased to companies. Visitors can also inspects the premises, which would normally get and it can happen to him, that the hall meets with the clerk, who goes to wash coffee mug. Locals have probably become accustomed to visitors, the children clung to their attention vypravěčce Lucca.

Kinský forester says that today the people of the forest almost know nothing, although some children with their knowledge can surprise. "The exhibition is to be a sort of initiation to the people of the forest began to be interested. The exhibition is an abstraction of the forest, telling people what the forest brings to people's lives, leading them on a journey to the fabled tree, "says Kinsky.

According to him, the exhibition is open to all children, adults, seniors. In my judgment, it is the story of the forest mainly for children - whether on a school expedition or trek to the family. It is possible that the narrator can make a story for the adults, I judge only by their experience of storytelling for first-graders.

The question of course is what has actually sense an exhibition about the forest? Is not it better just to go right into the woods? Use a program Waldpädagogik where children and adults about the forest having fun in the woods? The authenticity of the forest right at the show will not experience, nepolezou after you during your interpretation of forest ants, as normally happens in Waldpädagogik, and sounds of the forest are reproduced.

A range doubt. My experience of the exhibition is the first-graders at elementary schools, to which I added, leaving the narrator Lucy deep impression. The exhibition has an atmosphere and imaginative solutions can address. The fact that the exhibition can take testifies four visitors' book full of praise messages. It pays to go to the exhibition. And then go right into the woods to experience the forest's own story.

The exhibition runs until March 31, 2016.
The story can catch an hour's better to dedicate at least two hours, otherwise you will not enjoy the ability to produce paper or doodling. Also noteworthy is the new permanent exhibition on fisheries, which will appeal to avid visitor information, as well as children who are themselves at pramičce or beaver corridor.


Author: Andrew Martin Mach
Photo: Andrew Martin Mach,

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