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Travel Tips 2016: Fairy-tale world in China and the Arab Louvre

With the new year comes many opportunities, why go out into the world. In addition to the best seats because this year's wishes and a number of new attractions and exciting events.

Families with children will delight fans of cartoons new Disney resort in China. Athletes should definitely not miss the FIFA museum in Switzerland, art lovers a new Louvre in Abu Dhabi and literature enthusiasts čtyřsté anniversary of the death of the most famous English playwright William Shakespeare.

If you are sitting at your calendar and you're trying to decide when and where to go on vacation this year, read our tips on places for the year 2016. Thanks to the newly opened attraction, making previously inaccessible sites or important anniversaries will be able to ascertain some things to try and experience first. And sometimes even the last time.

To China for the cartoon characters of Walt Disney

In the spring of this year, will open the gates of the new Disney resort. After the United States or France as popular cartoon characters from fairy tales can also go to Shanghai. In addition to the traditional castle, under which it will be possible to ride the ship will have a complex of six thematic theme park with attractions. Traditional Disney characters are complemented well as another popular film characters and themes.

Visitors will be able to explore, for example, lives Pirates of the Caribbean and try themed attractions. Traditionally, part theme park and a street with restaurants and shops. Visitors can then stay in one of the two hotels. They have a choice of Disneyland Hotel and the Hotel Toy Story.

Football Museum and the anniversary of the horror characters

If you want to stay in Europe this year, visit Switzerland. In addition to beautiful nature, mountain trails and good chocolate here because this year will have two highlights. The first is the FIFA museum, whose visit is the duty of every football fan. Complex located in the heart of Zurich allegedly came to 180 million Swiss francs and 3,500 square meters carry visitors through the history of the game. In addition to the Hall of Fame and a theater offering, for example, the largest collection of books about football in the world.

When you are in Zurich, have a look also to the lake, which stretches outside the city. "If the weather is favorable to you, do not miss the cruise. View of the city from the lake gives you a whole new perspective, "says Michal Tuma of the travel agency Invia. Cruise lasts an hour and begins at the stop Landesmuseum. But if you want to enjoy a little romance, and stay on the boat must unite with dinner, choose a ship departing from Bürkliplatz.

"If you stay in Switzerland more days, you can use the bicentenary of the birth of Frankenstein and go look at the Villa Diodati," said Tuma. It is in this villa in the summer of 1816 met a bunch of friends, including Lord Byron and Mary Shelley. On cold evenings we are talking ghost stories that inspired Shelley to devise legendary Dr. Frankenstein. Take a visit by day and a famous Swiss fondue already put rather far away from this haunted house.

Arabic Louvre in Abu Dhabi

Art lovers will delight another of this year's novelties. United Arab Emirates had opened a unique museum with the best that the art world has to offer. Completely unique, futuristic building that towers over an artificial lake zbudovaným aroused great passions among experts and after many discussions this year will open its gates. Visitors will offer everything from Chinese Buddhist cave paintings over Italian oil painting to the Dutch and French classics.

"Experts, artists and art fans will be pleased that this year the world will open many new interesting buildings, galleries and museums. Apart from Abu Dhabi at its premiere awaits the Singapore National Gallery. The premises of the former City Hall and Supreme Court will degrade show východoasijkého art from the nineteenth century to the present day, "said
Michal Tuma. In addition to the arts miss the Singapore court or restored from colonial times and a garden on the roof, from which you will have breathtaking views from Padang to Marina Bay.

For Shakespeare and surfing in England

In less than two hours, you can move to England that year in addition to the traditional attractions such as Buckingham Palace or Big Ben, attracts even on important anniversaries and new attractions. Four hundred years elapsed from the death of one of the world's foremost playwrights William Shakespeare. If you have thus far not looked in his birthplace and places of action, use a series of accompanying events and learn about the life and work of this artist from a completely new perspective.

When you get tired of the drama of English literature, go surf. In the Snowdonia National Park in the north of Wales, because besides the beautiful trails and a number of outdoor sports, as well as offering new, man-made lagoon. Three hundred meters long bay utilizes rainwater to maintain a two-meter waves every six seconds. On the edges of the bay, however, they are smaller waves, allowing even beginners to try out the basics of surfing. Thanks to the fresh water addition will not have sea salt in the eyes and mouth every time you attempt to exit the wave fails.

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