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Path feature Luďka: From Prachaticka to Linz and then to Novohradské Mountains

Ludek feature of Prachaticka has certainly adventurous nature. Last August hit their Kürnberg Wald forest complex near Linz. And now he appeared back in the country. Again crossed the Danube and across the Austrian Mühlviertel and Waldviertel wandered over to the Novohradské mountains, says ALKA Wildlife.

After last summer overcame difficult obstacles to full seventy kilometers from home Prachaticka to Linzi, he returned monitored trait north again. Kürnberger Wald forest complex near Linz is not by conservationists for the beast favorable. It covers an area of ​​only 12 km2, which is a little adult. Lynx inhabit the home district with an area of ​​150-400 square km. In addition, near Linz is full of animals impassable migration barriers (shopping centers, airports, factories, etc.), Describes the company ALKA Wildlife conservation.

"The specific feature Luďka route is unknown, but it is obvious that he had to go through a long and perilous journey. One of the obstacles he had to overcome, and a new Austrian expressway S10. His story underscores the need to maintain the continuity of our landscape, not only for humans but also for animals, "says an expert on the protection of large carnivores Tereza Mináriková.

The entire Czech-Bavarian-Austrian lynx population consists of only 60-80 individuals. "For the long-term survival of the population is 60-80 features little. It is therefore necessary to protect not only the core area of the Bohemian Forest, as well as related peripheral areas so that preserved the large forest complexes which will feature ample space and tranquility Bringing the young ones, "says Tereza Mináriková.


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