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ABC and Rococo: World premiere of the Australian comedy

ABC and Rococo: World premiere of the Australian comedy The Prague Municipal Theatres began to rehearse, director Miroslav Hanus preparing for ABC Theatre world premiere musical revue Why men do not listen and women can not read maps and the Rococo Theatre prepares director Paul Khek Australian comedy Fools Night. Premiere will take place in March.

Louis Nowra comedy Fools Night blurs the line between who is actually normal and who is insane. The game introduces viewers to a psychiatric hospital environment and offers them insight into backstage. Young inexperienced director is like my first job given the task to direct a play in the premises of the local psychiatric hospital. Spent in the theater hall wants inmates rehearsing the opera, although no one can sing and their behaviors director often leads to awkward situations. As performance goes eventually, you will see from 12 March in the Rococo Theatre.

Young director will play new support group Prague Metropolitan Theatres Michael Vykus, directed by Paul Khek also play Paul Jurica, Veronika Gajerová, Ulrich Vízner, Diana Šoltysová, Henrieta Horňáčková or Tomas Novotny.

A week later, on March 19, will take place at the ABC Theatre world premiere Why men do not listen and women can not read maps, prepared by the director Miroslav Hanus. Musical revue draws on the bestselling books spouses Peasových to examine differences in thinking between men and women. The findings from the field of brain research from evolutionary biology, psychology and sociology submitted readers humorous and readable manner. Miroslav Hanus original ideas artwork edited and transferred to the stage form, which will feature songs, a live orchestra and a lot of humor that often touches on things that actually are not too merry.
On stage you will see Jitka sad, Zdeněk Velen Pernetová Lucie, Martin Písařík, Jiri Klem, Luke Jurka, Radim Kalvoda and more.

Louis Nowra - Fools Night

Directed by: Paul Khek
Starring: Paul Jurica, Michael Vykus, Henrieta Horňáčková, Tomas Novotny, Veronika Gajerová, Diana Šoltysová, Nina Horakova, Ales Bílík, Stanislav Jachnická, Ulrich Vízner, Radim Madeja / Michal Balcar
Premieres 12 and 14. 3. 2016 in the Rococo Theatre

Allan and Barbara Peaseovi / Miroslav Hanus - Why men do not listen and women can not read maps

Directed by and dramatization: Miroslav Hanus
Starring: Luke Jurek, Zbigniew Kalina, Petr Klimeš, Hana Doulová, Zdeněk Velen, Jitka Sad, Lucie Pernetová, Jiri Klem, Radka Fidlerová, Barbora Janatková, Martin Písařík, Veronika Janků Stanislav Light, Radim Kalvoda, Veronika Svojtková
Prime Minister 19. 3. 2016 ABC Theatre

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