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As psoriasis not give a chance in winter

Some patients with psoriasis brings autumn and winter, in addition to shortening days and the promise of snow, and the deterioration of the skin. There is no need to despair. We bring answers to the top 5 questions about caring for skin with psoriasis during the winter, including tips on how to skin the coming cold months the best care.

1. Why are the symptoms of psoriasis worsen in the winter?

In spring and summer, it falls on our skin, solar radiation, which has a beneficial influence the course of psoriasis. In winter, not only shorten time outdoors, but if you go for a walk, we usually up to the nose bundled in warm clothes. Sunrays us to arrive at a bare minimum. Winter air is also very dry. How to solve this situation? Consult with your doctor and go to phototherapy. This method uses the curative effect of ultraviolet radiation, which inhibits excessive cell division skin, so the skin does not scale so.

2. On cold days, I have a bigger appetite. It can affect the condition of my skin?

Currently, the research that examines the impact of food on psoriasis. So far, however, no connection between food and psoriasis expected. If you still feel that certain foods aggravate your problems, talk to your doctor and possibly these ingredients from their diet discard. The situation is different with alcohol especially in combination with smoking actually increases the risk of developing inflammatory blisters on the palms and soles.

3. I have the flu. Why does my skin worse?

Although scientists still do not know what the exact cause of psoriasis is assumed significant influence immune system. Anything that deviates immunity from equilibrium, even if it is just an ordinary flu, that could rapidly worsen symptoms of psoriasis. Particularly streptococcal infections are thought to be related to serious course of psoriasis, which is characterized by the emergence of drop-shaped blisters on the stomach, back, arms and legs. Try, therefore, to prevent diseases of the respiratory system of a balanced diet, adequate intake of vitamins, hardening and regular exercise.

4. therefore appropriate to have the flu vaccination?

Given that this disease can mean worsening of psoriasis, it is definitely a good idea. The vaccine itself would not have you no harm. The only drawback is that every year you must let přeočkovat, so be sure to always be on time to see a doctor.

5th seems to me that psoriasis gets worse every time during prolonged absences or before. Why is this so?

Although it may seem paradoxical, Christmas time and the holidays many people are very stressing. Try to rise above the general bustle and think mainly pleasant moments spent with family. Go along for a walk or relax meditation. You will see that your skin will improve.

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