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Under every third Christmas tree was electronics. What a waste?

The best Christmas ever had, according to initial statistics retailers of electrical appliances in the Czech Republic. The new electronics appeared under every third Czech tree. In addition to phones, laptops and smart people watch and buy a new television, refrigerators and coffee makers.

With the new appliances in the home now Czechs solve what to do with the old ones. Yet many people do not know that it can deliver for free in stores or have them take away from the home.

Throw out old home appliance in the bin or on the road. So it looks according to experts worst possible way to dispose of electrical appliances with batteries. Unsecured electronic waste ending up in landfills or along roads constitutes a major environmental risk. "From an unsecured landfill may leak harmful and toxic substances into the air, water and soil," said risks David Vandrovec, Director of REMA, which deals with the taking back old electrical appliances and batteries.

Ecological destruction is becoming increasingly more global issue because the only instance in the United States throws every day, three hundred and fifty thousand mobile phones and hundred and thirty thousand computers. After Christmas, then the amount of waste still much vzůstá.

Take discarded electronics retailers and municipalities

That is why the Czechs unlearned non-organically rid of e-waste, including batteries and thus help protect the planet from pollution and excess waste, the options for what to do with unused appliances. People now have the law on the choice of several places where electronics can safely leave. "It is possible to take things to the so-called place of return, as well as sellers of appliances. Then there are special collection points in schools, companies or municipalities, which can now be found in many towns and villages, "said David Vandrovec.

The last option how to safely get rid of unneeded equipment, are secondary raw materials collection center. Must have however established back point, which is not all they have. "It is necessary to determine whether a particular buying center takes and old appliances. Indeed, some are not authorized to accept electronics, "said Vandrovec.

Waste can also take up work

Currently there are additionally a number of projects that engage in environmentally friendly processing of unused equipment and batteries businesses. Nearly two thousand companies in the Czech Republic and, within the Green Company, allows people to bring any unnecessary electronics work. From a ride and then is recycled or disposed of environmentally.

Need not despair, even those whose employers offer this service. Project Be lazy to think of anyone who would like to get rid of unnecessary things organically, but do not have the time or inclination appliances anywhere collect. "If people alone or together with neighbors manage to collect more than twenty-five kg of electrical waste, they can in the service either tench order A free pick things from home, "advised David Vandrovec from REMA, which offers take back discarded electronic devices. Service operates throughout the Czech Republic. In addition to the appliances that Christmas replaced by new ones, you can get take away all devices operating on batteries or electricity, unused batteries, DVDs, CDs and toners.

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