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What to do if you buy the car rolled speedometer?

Following the publication of the results of the Czech Trade Inspection is again frequently speaks on issues of bottling tachometers. But it ignores what is most important to consumers, ie how to defend in such a situation.

Bottling tachometers is our most widespread nuisance in the sale of used cars. "According to the current legislation is not tapping the speedometer offense. Longtime Solutions amendment to the law that could restrict such behavior, unfortunately, has not reached to a conclusion. Dealers can additionally into contracts often writes arrangements for the difference between reality and the odometer is not responsible sellers. The aim is to discourage consumers from exercising their rights of defective performance, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. And he adds: "But selling a car with false information about the mileage is legal and there are several possibilities of defense."

What can you do if you buy a used vehicle in the bazaar and then find that the state does not correspond to the actual odometer mileage?
• If the difference in the number of reported and actual mileage rather small, you can reduce the purchase price. And because of the so-called minor breach of contract or breach of quality upon delivery.
• If, however, the difference in tens of thousands of kilometers, you have the right to cancel the contract. It is a substantial breach of contract because the seller knew or had to know that if you have true information about the mileage, the car you ever bought.
• If the seller is referred to the provisions in the contract which excludes or limits its statutory responsibility for the mismatch that mileage with the real situation, you can argue that it is a prohibited agreement, which was not taken into account.
• Request for refund of the purchase price due to defects begins the classic complaint procedure and the seller has to decide about it and inform you of the result within 30 calendar days.
• Since the flip speedometer when selling a used car can be qualified as a crime of fraud or consumers can also contact the prosecutor's office or the police and file a complaint.

The lifetime of cars is constantly increasing and at the same time increasing the average number of yearly mileage. Today it is common that the car moves annually and 25,000 km and official vehicles is also doubled. Value 120,000 km on the clock as the vehicle reaches peacefully after three years. People looking for a used car but are still looking for low mileage. The result is that about 40 percent of the offered used cars has illegally modified odometer.

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