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You are going on vacation? Four tips to deter thieves

Going on vacation, but you are afraid that you will be surprised when you return, "bleached" household? We will advise how to minimize the danger.

1. Supervision is not unreasonable

Consider how often you move away from home. Would not pay you at this time to ensure monitoring in the form of, for example, a retired lady who would you surprised every day and everything checked? You can also ask your sound familiar, if sometimes you would not go. Also, make sure that your house insurance against theft is valid and has all the essentials.

2. Pay attention to "unoccupied" impression

If so thieves appear flat or house, usually prevail. What is the turn may discourage?
Mow the lawn to garden resembled a neglected field.
Do not push the blinds! Nothing not alert thieves to the abandoned house more than curtains drawn and windows boarded up.
Ask a neighbor to you during your absence picked newspapers and mail from the mailbox.
Get a timer, at which connect the lamp, so every night for a few hours turns. A similar service can also perform photosensitive bulb that lights up automatically each time after dark.

3. Concealed valuables

Do not leave valuables in plain sight, therefore, on shelves, tables or other surfaces that are visible from the outside. Before traveling to hide is unusual places - such as a freezer or the dirty laundry. Do not put everything in one place, but rather distribute various things around the house. Remember that the aim of thieves is not thoroughly searched the house from top to bottom, but instead tries to quickly get in and then with the stolen loot away.

4th Discretion above all

The fact that you are going to leave the house, do not tell anyone except immediate family and friends. Especially dangerous in this respect are the social networks, because you never know to whom information about your departure fall.

Finally, think on their safety and also to ensure baggage. Place locks on suitcases. Do not put your address on the outside but on the contrary, place it inside. Do not forget to also ensure timely travel insurance.

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