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Decibels of Love

Decibels of Love The romantic story with songs by David Michael. Decibel love story tells the age-old human desire for love, life partnership, as well as redress mistakes and describes the dreams and aspirations of ordinary people, which are inherent to all generations.

Starring a story of three pairs of completely different ages, their friends and current and past loves shows father and son Rudolfová Hrušínští, Iva Janžurová, Elizabeth Bartošová, Philip Aim, Petr Svoboda, Roman Vojtek, Lucie Vondráčková, Marika Šoposká, Aneta Vrzalová and former football player and current coach of Viktoria Plzen, Czech soccer legend Pavel Horváth, who in the film and show their singing and dancing talents.

The heroes of the story, today's "twenty-five years," going through the same twists and turns, like their parents, grandparents, and, as is the case for thousands of years because of human desire and belief in love is eternal and knows no boundaries nor time.

The film uses the "old" and new songs by David Michael, whose hits have become an integral part of many movies. Creating Michal David has accompanied many generations, the singer is a fixture on the Czech music scene and its catchy hits can reliably find a listener for teenagers as well as their grandparents. The film features not only original and legendary songs such as: Are the oppressive morning, nobody came, I would like to live as they should, or me every you, baby, envies, as well as newly composed by music, complemented with songs by Joe Cocker, Westlife. The attractive part of the film are dance scenes choreographed by Peter Čadka.

"I wanted to make the spectator-friendly, uncomplicated, romantic film in which every little" finds "a relaxation" love story "of ordinary people, which should entertain the viewer, please, let daydream, as if to caress" the soul, "says the author screenplay and director Mila Halik.
"My intention was to produce a film which is such as and especially what are my songs. Make him one wanted to live non-stop and live as it has experienced a love that everyone envies him and felt the goodwill and support of a few friends who have enough !, "says producer and composer Michal David.

"We wanted a film about life, about what everyone wants to live and I can see - whether old or young, because all three generations who appear in the film, is a common desire for love and hope in life encounters . And I believe that the same feelings will go out of the theater and the audience, "adds
Michal David.

A little bit about the storyline of the film

Christian Hovorka (Rudolf Hrušínský nejml.), Along with Otto (Pavel Horvath) works in Pilsen Municipality Technical Services, which are in charge of cleaning the city. Coincidence become acquainted with the talented, beginning artist Dan (Philip Target), who are here, along with his friend Victor (Martin Hejný), thanks to the intercession of his pretty sister Danka (Petr Svoboda), serving time for illegal artistic performance.

Dan was at the disco familiar with Bess (Elizabeth Bartošová), their emotional outburst alludes to the "classical" problems of contemporary young people with the world around them. For the couple in love is primarily Betčina nepřejícná friend (Aneta Vrzalová) and her boyfriend Robert Koukal (James Grafnetr). And while Danka with Kristian looking for a way to finally anchor "in the troubled waters of life" and Christian's father Lada (Rudolf Hrušínský ml.) And Betčina charming aunt (Iva Janžurová) demonstrate to the world that age is just a number. Christian also get together with the correction of ancient wrongs, as he advises his best friend Lenka (Lucie Vondráčková), and finding "ways" to his daughter Jitka (Marika Šoposká).

The official music video

Decibels love - in cinemas from 11 February 2016

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