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The six most common myths about depression

"A sad soul" afflicts many people across generations. Probably due to the diverse symptoms of depression, however, is still somewhat shrouded in a veil of ignorance. We will try to bring to debunk the most common misinformation.

1st Depression does not concern me

According to statistics, this disease sometime during their lifetime and 20% men, with women about twice as often as men. Chronic depression also causes most of incapacitation of any disease at all. It is therefore a relatively high probability that each of us with depression sometimes encounters - at least in my neighborhood.

For the second it is not actually a disease

Many people still equates depression and bad temper, which sometimes experiencing all. Depression is not a serious disease that is except those mental and many physical manifestations. Caused by an imbalance of transmitters in the brain, which can lead to increased release of the stress hormone cortisol. It carries negative consequences for many bodily systems, for example, may lead to a deterioration of immunity .

3. In the case of a weak will

No one probably would not think to say something like, for example, angina. People with depression often confronted with similar views. This disease, however, none of them deliberately chosen and similar statements only detract from efforts to fight afflicted with depression. While those not caused by laziness or weakness - it is a health problem caused by many synergies, which leads to changes in the structure and function of the brain . These changes are fortunately influenced treatment.

Severe fourth event in the life always causes depression

Death in the family breakup, trouble at work ... sad situation when we experience every life a lot, but rarely cause depression. This is a more serious condition than the natural period of mourning after a busy period. Most of us after a period of mourning begins slowly coming back to life. Nevertheless, the memories of the challenging event ever hurt for a long time, we can after some time again to enjoy the things we always enjoyed, and over time we feel better. For Depression is typical long-term loss of interest, inability to experience pleasure, strong feelings of hopelessness and many accompanying physical symptoms. Sometimes the disease can occur after a difficult period, but it often comes with no apparent trigger.

5th Antidepressants change a person's personality

The idea of ​​taking drugs that somehow changes the brain chemistry can be scary for many people. In fact, modern antidepressants are very economical, with minimum side effects. Acts targeted only to neurotransmitters whose function is altered in depression. Many people feel after antidepressant treatment instead be more "ourselves" than before.

6. A record of the disease are dangerous

This is a very common concern. Close the victim may be afraid that talking about sadness, despair and other feelings will lead to the fact that these states will confirm and strengthen. They are often embarrassed just the idea of ​​such a call. But the truth is that a person is depressed often feel alone with your symptoms and any expression of interest on the sensitive issues could help him. It is also appropriate to peacefully recommend the patient to seek professional treatment.

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