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As a warm home in the winter? Bet on the colors and accessories!

In the colder months, when the days shorten, the children returned to their little rooms, where he spends most of his free time. Winter is said to be a long year and Ore and therefore it is good to prepare it at home. In the nursery to help especially cozy warm colors and accessories. Make sure that their offspring can conjure up the magic of the winter holidays and the warmth of your home design.

"For children it is winter and holiday time and dreaming of miracles, when used intensively and comfort of family and community in their rooms rejoice in new gifts. Their housing can thus illuminate accessories that kids really warm and festive atmosphere will be enhanced, "says Sarka Richtrová (st.Viabel), specialist in design and furnishing children's rooms. According to her, this year's trends clearly prefer soft and comfortable materials, whether in terms of carpets, rugs or pillows. When it's freezing outside, to socks, there is nothing better than a fragrant tea to sink into the soft and enjoying the warmth of home.

Carpets and rugs

Studio provides several original tips to help children room to warm up in winter and cozier. "The same ideas can then be transferred to a cottage or winter apartment, where children spend their winter holidays. Now for arranging such sites are now parents increasingly demand, "highlights a new trend Sarka Richtrová.
The greatest coolness is always close to the ground, and because children frequently play there, the carpet in winter, the most important equipment. "The nursery is particularly the practical rugs on which you can play or lie down," advises specialist Sarka Richtrová of study Viabel. Maybe playful round rug snowflake - soft, hand-woven and dyed, made of 100% cotton. Designed and manufactured so as to fit into an automatic washing machine, where it may be washed at 40 ° C. Crumbs from cookies or pine needles from the Christmas tree so no chance ...

Stellar Collection - a new Christmas hit

"The floor in the winter, of course, famously warm and classic tall wool carpet - perhaps with the motive of the stars," says one of the year's hits Richtrová. Stars and Stars are in residential designers are currently very popular and there are many supplements, so they can be cleverly room, colorfully and elegantly unite. Stellar collection must be supplemented cotton bedding, a pillow, a night little light or a warm blanket, which then must be nice to read new books from Santa Claus.

Playfully and healthy feet warm

Strictly Christmas and festive acts and tender white carpet in the shape of angel wings: and that is machine washable, so it is suitable for newborns or children allergic to dust mites.

Wittily interior looks like a rectangular rug with a pattern reminiscent copánkovým winter sweater. For easy maintenance, is perfectly applicable in areas such as the bathroom or hallway - anywhere where small children's feet and zebou necessarily need to warm up.

Children will delight and original accessories such as a chandelier in the form of angel or shadow magic carousel with horses. Little girls love with the horses certainly rejoice also over the mythical unicorn - a plush, hand sewn trophies on the wall from the Belgian manufacturer that produces even more popular animals like the white tiger, elephant, bunny or bear. "Gift in the form of animals, which do not have to walk, and You can freely play with him, are popular with both children and their mothers were when choosing homewares usually looks for both aesthetic and practicality, "says Sarka Richtrová, herself a mother of two school-age children.

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