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Trans-Siberian adventure or on rails

Traveling by train can be a pleasant experience. Trans-Siberian Railway offers an unforgettable holiday for lovers railways. Předlouhých nine thousand kilometers is possible to spend in luxury vehicles, offering unexpected luxuries. And all at a fairly reasonable price.

throughout history

Trans-Siberian is an incredible length of 9,288 kilometers the longest railway line in the world. The main thoroughfare starts in Moscow and ends up far to the east coast in Vladivostok, Russia. Construction began in the late 19th century and in 1905 was finally completed. For local residents is a common means of transportation within artery - the train ride because it is several times cheaper than air travel. From Moscow to Vladivostok managed trainset Rossiya every other day. Vladivostok is not the only ultimate destination. Many travelers also uses this route when traveling to Mongolia, China, Japan, Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia.

There and back again

From west to east or east to west? That is the question. The most popular route is toward the East Coast, but nothing to preclude you went "upstream". Trans-Siberian Railway journey in fact be ahead of schedule at home, tickets can be purchased via the internet portal. If you're on an adventurous journey as a cut from an old detective thought, but you're afraid for your safety, you can rest easy. Travel Trans-Siberian Railway in this direction is seamless. The whole train guards and policemen at the onset, it is necessary to legitimize a valid ticket and personal identification.

Luxury on rails

Although the Trans-Siberian Railway in operation for over 100 years, certainly not lag behind modern means of transport. Luxurious spaces offer an unforgettable experience for even the most discerning traveler. Lower class of travel on the contrary, represent a reasonable compromise between price and comfort. To illustrate ticket from Moscow to Beijing in second grade starts at 11 to 15 thousand crowns. If you want to make longer road stops, you have to buy more tickets, since one ticket is not transferable between trains. Near each stop while you can take a trip to the natural sceneries and historical monuments.

If you let yourself be tempted by the adventure train ride across the rugged Russian wilderness, do not forget to take out travel insurance. The journey is indeed safe during your travels you may encounter unexpected complication of infectious diseases, injuries or damage to luggage. Insurance protects you against unexpected expenses that can climb quite high.

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