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Trends in interior design in 2017: green color and metal. Returns and retro.

If you are going to transform the look of your home, you may already inspired trends that will bring in 2017. The next year will dominate the residential design greens, the course will grow again in retro style amenities and a significant transformation record and bedroom. Get to know the trends of the coming season.

From traditional colors in the interior drops

If you want to stick to the trends that will bring the following year, take the first color tuning your home. Space should lend a touch of nature above all - for the year 2017 is a green element to be in a modern interior should not be missing. More adventurous of you can do green tones envelop the whole walls or larger areas of furniture will look great on additions or smaller equipment. "From the traditional colors of the furniture, such as natural wood or standardized fabric slowly declines. People perceive modern trends and demand for furniture of unusual color is growing. For example, a bed in a green coloration may become a new landmark of bedroom, dining chairs with green patterns again brighten the kitchen, "says Peter Triščíková (MT furniture).

In addition to the green by the prestigious magazine Elle Decor upcoming year also characterize a deep blue and gray mineral, which is outstanding in the form of supplements or pastel pink. This creates an ideal combination with subtle shades of gray. Courageous yellow again lit up the room as drobnějšího furniture, such as a separate side table or as part of larger equipment such as beds or dressers hem.

Terracotta and cork on the walls evoke the warmth of home

Besides the color coatings will be in the new year on the walls of modern innovative materials which room lend a feeling of warmth of home. If you want to keep up with trends, look after the terracotta tiles. Their rustic appearance breathes life into the coldest areas. Use them as a bathroom, living room, bedroom or kitchen. Your living through them takes on an entirely new atmosphere.

Return reports and cork, which by this time has found more practical than decorative applications. In 2017, however, it ranks alongside the biggest trends in home interior and gets a hallmark of high elegance. Experts predict that it will be mainly covered the walls of households. Not only aesthetically, but also practically serve for example in domestic workrooms. In addition to the cosiness of space it can also be used as a bulletin board for important notes.

Do bedrooms returns sized beds that combine comfort and design

Transformation awaits the bedroom where the center of attention once again gets the look of the bed. While in recent years has been the main demand practicality, in 2017, returns in addition to convenience, it also design and elegance. Bed ceases to be merely an aid to sleep and becoming a significant supplement.

The speech is about the large and soft beds that guarantee maximum comfort and relaxation. "The bedroom in the 2017 Choose distinctive design bed with a quality mattress that adapts to your body. If you have enough space, choose instead a bed with a width of 180 cm. In addition, trends remain upholstered beds with stitching, made from premium materials. For example, create a futuristic ambiance bed with integrated LED lighting, "says Peter Triščíková.

Vintage and retro style stands out in contrast with the modern

If you own items that retain the hallmark of yesteryear, you have won. Trends 2017 is a chance to once again favorite vintage style. It is important to have the equipment character and was carried by a peculiar story. In addition, diverse textures imprint area unique touch comforts of home.

A similar atmosphere also evokes retro furniture. On the one hand, he stands out in sharp confrontation with today's world of modern technology, on the other hand with them creates a harmonious balance. "The old TV table stand LED TV and leather sofas next to place a chair from the '80s. By contrast gives the space a distinctive design. However, if you have old pieces of furniture available, are now available on the market loyal retro pieces, which have housing tune into the details, "recommended Peter Triščíková.

A mixture of metals is paramount, stainless steel is dons a black

In the field of accessories will dominate the particular combination of different types of metal. Feel free to link the cold and hot metals, like gold, silver, and add to them a piece of neutral metal accessories, such as iron or bronze. Modern trends still count with stainless steel accessories, but this time in a fresh black tuning. Black stainless steel is sleek, trendy and can be combined with any other decor. There will be mainly in kitchens and laundries, but increasingly also in other rooms of the home.

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