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During treatment, doctors speak! It is not about your treatment!

Doctors do not always have the best reputation listeners. Foreign research has even shown that patients interrupt their narrative has usually after just 17 seconds. Without good communication can not yet guide treatment in the right direction, which is particularly true in the case of such diseases as multiple sclerosis. So how best to express their wishes and needs?

foundation for success

Without adequate communication between patient and physician may lead to misdiagnosis or tests are performed, which are not needed. The less you say in the treatment steps, the less likely you understand all the medical context. This can ultimately lead to failure of therapy. Interview with physician forms a fundamental pillar of the correct therapy. It is appropriate, therefore, for an appointment with a specialist to prepare thoroughly. The average time a patient spends in the office, in fact is only about 15 minutes, while a large part of the visit will take "paperwork". Precious time is thus necessary to thoroughly exploit.

"Guide" or what to say and how

Create a priority. During office visits, you may not get space for all your questions. Choose a row before the most important and at the right moment doctors recitation.
Share your story. No explanations of their problems as a set of symptoms, but include them in a wider context. Let's say that you need to suffer shoulder pain and want to do an MRI. It is more likely that the expert will answer your request, if you tell him that a close relative has had pain in the shoulder due to metastasis of cancer.
Ask questions. Who Sara's information, not to know. Asking questions immerses you in the co-decision process. Seek for example, if some process alternatives exist or what treatment may have side effects. In short, the doctor ask for whatever you regarding your diagnosis interested.
Do not be afraid to interrupt. If your call Stopnete expert, does not automatically mean that it is not listening. Your story is often unknowingly may meander important information to those irrelevant.

If you already see at a glance that the doctor has a lot of work and a desperate shortage of time, ask for another meeting. But if you feel even after multiple visits to your doctor just listens and does not intend to let you participate in the healing process, maybe it's time to find another expert.

Source: Ereska aktivně.cz

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