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Prague will celebrate the International Day of Flamenco Festival

Prague will celebrate the International Day of Flamenco Festival The international celebration of Día del Flamenco - Flamenco On reconnects and the Czech Republic the festival, which this year will take place November 10 to 13 at several locations in Prague. The program offers dance performances, concerts, film showings and flamenco Bazaar.

The main attractions of the rich festival program includes performances of Spanish masters of flamenco Adela and Rafael Campallo, dance performances narrator Jane and Agnes Drdácká Hessová that connects Andalusian flamenco and Indian Kathak dance. The festival will culminate in a flamenco fiesta, which will offer a concert of Polish-Indian Indalucía assembly, exhibition choreography dance academies and final flamenco and Latino disco directed by DJ Ekirne.

Interesting combination of photography and flamenco bring the evening with Hungarian photographer Beatrix Mexi Molnar and ensemble Trio Flamenco. The festival will also varied accompanying program, including workshops for beginners and dance professionals with Spanish teachers, film showings for schools and the general public, flamenco Bazaar, course of Spanish gastronomy, restaurants revival of Spanish music and dancing and an open day flamenco academies.

The narrator is the name of the dance project Jana Drdácká (flamenco) and Agnes Hessová (kathak). Zooms in on Thursday, November 10 from 19 pm in La Fabrica two musical and dance traditions, Spanish and Indian, the personal stories of performers. Flamenco and Kathak in the past had common roots and wearer: Gypsy musicians and dancers that elements of Indian dance in the way of Asia and Europe have brought to the Andalusian flamenco. The live musical component will take care of Tomas Reindl (tabla), Stanislav Kohútek aka Morenito de Triana (flamenco guitar), Michael Cába (cajón) and Pavel Križovenský (flute).

Spanish dance masters Adela and Rafael Campallo to present their Campallerías in the Theater U Hasičů on Saturday, November 12th. Campallerías is a unique performance in which blood flows siblings Adela and Rafael Campallo. It is filled with art and poetry. Siblings him pay tribute to their family and flamenkovému district of Seville Cerro del Aguilla that shaped their first flamenco steps. Thanks to the backing in a family of great flamenco tradition Adela first danced professionally at the age of 9 years. She studied at the top masters of flamenco, including his own brother Rafael Campalla with whom they have some common dance projects. As a soloist, collaborating with leading flamenco files and focuses on their own projects. In 2015, noted author performance Adelada in which shone its refined style, love and live flamenco in its purest art form.

Indialucía band, which will perform in the final flamenco fiesta on Sunday, November 13 at Prague's Retro Music Hall, is a project that musically and personally connects two fascinating musical genres common foundations: traditional Indian music and flamenco. Improvisation and rhythm are elementary components of key importance for the development of both musical styles. 1999 began recording their first album between India and Spain. Several years when he alternated with many renowned artists of both genres. The result of many years of work is the album that first presents the common elements and roots of both musical styles and combines them into a coherent artistic shape. Second album Acatao was released in late 2014 and carries the same musical spirit.

Officially, the international flamenco day falls on November 16, the day in 2010 flamenco UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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