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The government is against the abolition of VAT on construction sites - decides to House

All who since January of this year, wants to build a new house, it must pay the building land State VAT at 21%. "It is more expensive overall price of the property. For land with an area of ​​800 meters habitually more than 100,000 in the country, the more expensive suburban locations sum grows still well over half a million, "says Senator Peter Šilar that other senators prepared an amendment to the bill that would have taxed only land directly linked to building.

Mentioned amendment, the government last week refused. Therefore, it was primarily the Ministry of Finance, while for the change was the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development. The final opinion on the amendment remains on the decision of the House.

The law hampers the development of living mainly in rural areas

"This regulation certainly does not support the development of housing, especially in rural areas. According to us it is necessary to reduce the tax burden on citizens who want to build, especially to young people, we must help to facilitate and dostupnějšímu housing, "said Šilar, adding that according to him is needed as soon as possible to stop progressive rural exodus. And affordable housing is one of the factors that this trend can be prevented. According Šilar a load of people fees for set-aside of agricultural land sufficient.

Building land since January more expensive by about a fifth

The Ministry of Finance in an effort to get people to make the most money burden since January this year, the value added tax rate of 21 per cent of all land. The tax will pay the ultimate owner by the end of this year, while the land was exempt from VAT. This step significantly more costly construction of new homes and development projects. "We have suggested that VAT was subject only to the portion of the land on which their house, the building it related. Which part of the land would be subject to VAT, and which in turn anymore, we want this clearly to define the amendment in order to avoid any room for any speculation, "explained the content of the amendment Šilar.

Rural development must reduce the cost of housing!

All politicians across the political spectrum would like to stay in the country especially young people, to begin a business, develop infrastructure and farmed on local fields. Rise in price of building plots, however, this plan certainly does not want. "If the cost of acquiring a new building will rise suddenly a hundred or two hundred thousand, is in the family budget markedly know. Already it is clear that this step again zbrzdíme young people in their quest for independent housing, "says Peter Šilar and calls on politicians across political parties to work together:" If we want to seriously promote rural development, we need for it to do something! And this is one way to do it. "

Benefits for all generations

According Šilar have newly built houses as well as further impact on rural life. By increasing the number of inhabitants will arise not only new jobs, but it automatically creates the conditions for example, opening stores and to build additional infrastructure. This in turn will support the re comfortable housing for old people who have to commute to shops, or to be dependent on their relatives.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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