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Dear customer lines? Entrepreneurs violate the law.

If you want the phone to report a fault aqueduct, claiming defects in goods or electricity or gas bill, you can pay for such calls from dozens to thousands of crowns. Although the amendment of the Act at the end of last year, the use of toll blue and white lines for limited contact with customers, many entrepreneurs do not respect it. dTest therefore urged the more than 30 companies that have changed the way communication with customers.

Banks, insurance companies, mobile operators, energy suppliers, transporters and others are increasingly using customer contact, white and blue lines, which are pricing by a particular operator incur a fee of up to five crowns for every minute the call. Call blue or white line is not only more expensive than calls to regular line, but most operators have with him is currently not draw free minutes. Every customer for the call, for example, who wants to report a fault or an insured event must pay not entirely negligible amount.

"At the end of last year, while the entry into force of an amendment to the Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits merchants for communication with consumers about the contract to use telephone lines for which they are charged a higher price than the normal rate,"
says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest . He adds: "Many companies ban unfortunately, continue to be ignored. These include Czech Railways, the insurance company or the Czech Business Insurance Company. "

dTest therefore now invited more than 30 companies that still use customer contact toll white or blue line to reassess its policy of communicating with customers and used for contact with clients or regular phone lines free green line. At present, businesses have no choice but to these lines stop using, otherwise commits an administrative offense under the Consumer Protection Act, under which they can be fined up to one million. "If these companies change their attitude, we give impetus Czech trade Inspectorate to initiate administrative proceedings. Is also considering bringing the injunction illegal activities against consumers a competent court, "says Green.

Already before addressing dTest more than 50 companies asking them to stop expensive octal line use. Some companies came toward consumers, such as Internet Mall, LEO Express, General Logistics Systems Czech Republic and Moneta Money Bank. While other precious colored lines were not going to give up, but at least they came to meet our customers that set up next to them even ordinary fixed or mobile line. These may include, for example, PVK, or ARMEX ENERGY BOHEMIA ENERGY entity.
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