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How to read labels on vacuum cleaners

September 1, 2016, it was exactly two years ago that manufacturers have to label cleaner energy label. But we know what we label communicates and how we read the famous letters A through G?

The regulations of the European Union within the model for the label, the figures speak for him on consumption, the re-emission of dust (ie the amount of dust particles, which returns the vacuum cleaner back into the room), noise levels and efficiency of vacuuming hard floors and carpets. During their correct understanding labels can become a useful tool for orientation in menu and choosing the best vacuum cleaner. Thanks labels consumers can save funds and to a great extent their health, with a maximum effective vacuuming household.

According to product manager vacuum reputable brands, Denise Carne, EU, inter alia, mandates that performance products does not exceed 1600 watts. This limit will be further reduced, and exactly one year will be at 900 W. It is true that the higher the power vacuum has, the better it sucks. Those times are gone. Higher power usually means higher consumption, while vacuuming efficiency accordingly can not be determined. For this purpose labels.

The labels can be found only on certain types of vacuum cleaners

The labels must be given to manufacturers in a visible place and on product packaging. Besides the prices so consumers receive information on these parameters and can immediately compare the ratio of price, performance and energy load. Obligation bonding label is currently saved only classic a bag and bagless vacuum cleaners, including the rod connecting to the mains. Equipment for wet cleaning, rechargeable, central, industrial and robotic vacuum cleaners are given in the regulations yet affected.

What they say labels:

Energy Class - an indication located in the upper part of the plate and gives information about the annual energy consumption (Class A to G). Class A is the most economical, while saving between classes is an increase in consumption of 6 kWh per class. Among the classes A and G is the difference 36 kWh. Information is also part of the value of the average annual energy consumption, which is calculated according to a defined standard that is set flat 87 m² Picking up 50 times a year. The value of a particular household consumption therefore depends on the size and frequency of vacuuming.
Class of dust emissions - shows the degree of purity of the air, that vacuum discharged back into the room. In the case of Class A are these dust emission of less than 0.02% of the air cleaner sucked. In class B, their value is in the range of 0.02 to 0.08%, the Class G's then more than 1%. Filtration efficiency depends not only on the type of vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter, but also on how the engine seals. Large amounts of dust gets back in the air due to poorly mailbox cleaners even even the best filter will not help.
Noise level - is on the label is expressed in decibels (dB). For a really quiet vacuum cleaners, this value is 69 dB or less (Class A).
Class efficiency vacuum carpets - is given a scale from A to G, which indicates the efficiency of absorption of dust on the carpet. Among the various classes of the values ​​differ by 4%. A vacuum cleaner soak up 91% of dust in class C it is 83%, the G-Class are just 67%.
Class efficiency vacuuming hard floors - much like a carpet describes a scale from A to G efficiency of absorption of dust on hard floors, such as tiles, wood flooring, flooring, etc. Differences among the various classes are up 3%, while Class A means that the vacuum cleaner a firm floor sucks more than 111% dust. The value of 100% is due to the fact that the appliance takes dust and sides.

The store offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners 4A

Evaluation and selection of vacuum cleaners should include all these aspects. Pleasing news is that in Czech shops can i find really high-quality products that boast outstanding results. Quality vacuum cleaners tested and magazine dTest. In a big test in August received the best rating of all 42 tested products, vacuum cleaner Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO6477EA AAAA. The results showed Dtest model well-draining, perfectly dust filters, the stress test engine durability passed 100%, while among the quietest unit.

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