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Film adaptations Krakatit and White Disease returns to cinemas

The National Film Archive provides access to a new generation of viewers more of the fourteen digitally restored films. Krakatit and White disease state Bio Central in Hradec Kralove.

Vávrův Krakatit (1948) was based on the novel by Karel Capek approximately two years after the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While the draft of the book in 1924 were attempts Prokop atoms and zkázonosnými explosions in the plane of literary fantasy, a film adaptation was apparently inspired by some recently the well-established facts, including an explosion in the form of characteristic "mushroom". Outside urgent moral appeal today enthrals his delirious atmosphere and visual inventiveness in real exteriors and fanciful scenes.

Otakar Vavra was returned to the same substance in the normalization period. 1980 was listed under the name Dark Sun's loose adaptation Krakatit, this time with apparent ties to the context of the Cold War. By far, however, neither reached the impressiveness of the popularity of the older version.

Into a kind of a country whose fiery speeches nation's dictator was successfully persuaded their superiority and legitimacy of military expansion, spread bacillus highly destructive form of leprosy. It is called morbus Tshengi or popularly called "white sickness". The only one against him has developed an effective drug, a physician named Galen poor. But he refuses to divulge the secrets of his medicament until it defeats the mighty lives wars.

Čapkova game White Plague was first introduced in January 1937, a time of imminent danger to Nazism, and its parallels with present and former mainly near future is frighteningly apt. Haas' film adaptation, which premiered at the longer end of the same year, in themselves, because the same cast the main roles retains the exceptional quality of the first performance, at the same time, however, remains a peculiar timeless piece.

The gala premiere of the film Krakatit be held on Thursday 15. 9. 18 pm in Bio Central in Hradec Kralove. The gala premiere of the film The White Disease Thursday, 23 9th from 20 hours at the same place.

Restoration shots professionally and organizationally backed by the National Film Archive in Prague, financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Source: tz NFA

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